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The world is changing, as technology is expanding, the use of crude oil in riding vehicles will soon end and with the greater focus on shared mobility, Car autonomy, Electrification, and vehicle connectivity, the amount of car generated data will grow rapidly. Car generated data is the key to making the future of mobility safer and more convenient, it is also an important factor to building new mobility services that would save customers both money and time. Everyone is racing towards the future where the vehicles of tomorrow is believed to be shared, autonomous, and electric.

Moveco is a blockchain-based mobility ecosystem that seeks to lessen the burden of car ownership while at the same time rewarding users for the miles driven In order to create a safer future with smarter mobility. The ecosystem’s main objective is to drive a mobility future that is safer,smarter, more efficient, and affordable through gathering and providing insight on car generated data.


To create a platform of mobility ecosystem where consumers received rewards for data shared and this is done through MOV.


The Moveco platform is built into dynamic set of features. The first in the features is the adoption of the blockchain Ethereum paradigm that helps to shape the use of smart contracts, state of the art technologies which will fit into the mobility and data centric business use case models in a reliable, safe and secure decentralized framework.

Secondly, Moveco harnesses the power of big data and machine learning in a data centric mobility future. This availability of big data will be aid the learning of how mobility patterns, user behaviours, and enable specialised real time analytics for preventive safety models. Hence, this is made possible by the provision of big datas through consumers participation on Moveco.

In addition, data privacy is ultimate on the Moveco platform by conforming to the “security standards and guidelines of safety, sensitivity, and privacy”( Furthermore, Moveco provides mobility data users use cases through car OEMs; representing driving behaviours, diagnostics codes, vehicle usage data and user preferences to aid vehicle designs. Concurrently, Moveco uses the insurance features (rewards and other diagnostics detailing). Moveco offers retail options which represent proper analytics for crowd traffics etc. This combines highest hour optimisation management prospects.

The Moveco platform also illustrates smart cities for traffic congestion, urban planning, road design improvement with oil and gas mobility patterns. It also provides electric vehicle infrastructure development and implementation plus Telco processes using the signal coverage and infrastructure planning. Furthermore,Telco optimises to shape data consumption patterns for its users with IOT devices and connected vehicles.


It currently has two products designed for its mobile app:

  • Drivebox
  • Drivebox lite

The product goals are to read sensor data, interpret driving behavior, and tracking routes.

They also provide assistance in Car sharing technology that is useful for operational purpose and for warning about dangerous drivers.Moveco data collected is processed, normalized and made anonymous in order to ensure privacy and maintain consent of the data. The data is accessible only through the Moveco Data Hub or insights platform.


The Moveco blockchain platform benefits are limitless and constructed on the very node and system conformity of its features for consumer’s total reliance and trust. The Moveco operates on a reward system of getting MOV tokens for gas refills on trips and needed miles to be covered. Secondly, the user data helps in proper urbanization management and also aids in building the mobility future of cities, towns and provinces.

This is rewarded in a profound manner through the MOV tokens. Furthermore, it is noted that car data will enable autonomous vehicle building for which it will reshape into building safer, very convenient, effectively-efficient and affordable vehicles for clear built in new mobility involving services for future urbanization.

This is termed as “mobility services for the future”( This has lead through the Moveco platform in harnessing data brokers firms synergy and work with car manufacturers to profit from all consumers on the Moveco. This enables the user to gain control and take maximum shares in the monetization process in the anonymized data.

Presently and futuristically, earning the MOV token gives the user the leverage to earn tokens for goods and services, pay for gas bills, pay for trips and enjoy the Moveco redemption platform or with other loyalty partners on the project.


  • LEVEL 1

General Mobility Data: here users get rewarded for downloading the Moveco app and let it run.

  • LEVEL 2

Driving Behaviour Data: Drivebox lite is install to track drivers behavior and good drivers get rewarded by reducing their premium by insurance company partnering with moveco.

  • LEVEL 3

Autonomous Driving Data: here users will be rewarded based on how they are participating.Movco has a marketing platform where its partners can provide personalized and targeted offering to the users, which will lower prices and facilitate the direct interaction between manufacturers and consumers.


Moveco will issue MOV tokens which will be used as utility token on the Moveco ecosystem, and can be utilized in redemption platform and loyalty partner. Corporates can use the tokens within the Moveco App on the data hub, data insights, or the Ad inventory.

  • Private Pre-sale: End of June 2018
  • Corporate Sale: End of June 2018
  • Crowdsale: July 1st
  • MOV is an ERC20 Token
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 MOV
  • Sale Amount: 250,000,000 MOV
  • Hardcap: $20,000,000 USD
  • Softcap: $5,000,000 USD
  • Exchange Rate: est. $0.15 USD = 1 MOV

Token Distribution



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