Moveco is a blockchain-based mobility ecosystem that seeks to lessen the burden of car ownership while at the same time rewarding users for the miles driven In order to create a safer future with smarter mobility. The ecosystem’s main objective is to drive a mobility future that is safer,smarter, more efficient, and affordable through gathering and providing insight on car generated data.
Moveco is offered as a block-based model, which will help to link and aggregate various solutions for mobility to consumer data. Consumers, as well as interested parties, such as transport companies, will be able to use the system with the help of crypto-tokens. The main aspect of Moveco is the linking of various types of mobility services that exist, and the collection of user data that can help transport companies in different ways.

Moveco features

This platform is based on a stellar network that has an established presence in the technological structure of the block chain. The following functions are implemented in the system:


The system depends on MOV as a token for transactions that will write data and other types of transactions on the platform.

Stellar forms a payment network for this system with facilities such as low transaction rates and fast processing time.

The data will be collected from the users who join the network and, at the same time, the data will be saved.

The data will be stored in encrypted form and will be verified by the MovNet system.

The user’s IP address is used to verify the data, but it is not stored and is not used in any other way.

The platform will present reports on the data, as well as information about them that will help companies and individuals to learn the management behavior or when developing independent control modules.

You will have a Moveco application and you will also have to install Drivebox Lite, which will reward consumers who provide data using MOV tokens.

The application will reward the drivers of related cars, since the application will be able to generate information from the vehicle sensors of said vehicles.

The command moveco

viability of the business model

Moveco is a unique concept that has great potential for the automotive industry. Although it can help boost sharing, autonomous driving, taxi services and other related industries, it will also reward users who enter their data while they remain connected to this platform and allow them to record traffic data. The model must demonstrate its reliability and platform security to convince users of platform security. Investors interested in this model can invest in their ICO, which is adequate and will sell tokens on this platform at preferential rates.


The Moveco blockchain platform benefits are limitless and constructed on the very node and system conformity of its features for consumer’s total reliance and trust. The Moveco operates on a reward system of getting MOV tokens for gas refills on trips and needed miles to be covered. Secondly, the user data helps in proper urbanization management and also aids in building the mobility future of cities, towns and provinces.

This is rewarded in a profound manner through the MOV tokens. Furthermore, it is noted that car data will enable autonomous vehicle building for which it will reshape into building safer, very convenient, effectively-efficient and affordable vehicles for clear built in new mobility involving services for future urbanization.

This is termed as “mobility services for the future”( This has lead through the Moveco platform in harnessing data brokers firms synergy and work with car manufacturers to profit from all consumers on the Moveco. This enables the user to gain control and take maximum shares in the monetization process in the anonymized data.

Presently and futuristically, earning the MOV token gives the user the leverage to earn tokens for goods and services, pay for gas bills, pay for trips and enjoy the Moveco redemption platform or with other loyalty partners on the project.


Moveco is conducting ICO which will issues its own cryptocurrency named MOV token. during the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to distribute the tokens and collect funds for developing technology for building the future of mobility. Early investors will receive bonuses. The MOV tokens are utility tokens for use in the redemption platform and loyalty partner. Corporates can use the tokens within the Moveco App on the data hub, data insights, or the Ad inventory.

Total supply = 1,000,000,000 MOV tokens and the Accepted payment is through ETH and ZEN, 1MOV = $0.15 or 15 cent.


Distribution TOKEN

TOTAL DELIVERY – One million MOV markers


SALE OF AMOUNT – Twenty million MOV (with a bonus)

YOU EXCHANGE – $ 0.15 USD <> 1 MOV

SOFTCAP – five million US dollars

CAP DURUM : Thirty million US dollars


CORPORATE SALE – from 04/04/2018 to 05/31/2018

VENCER MUNDIAL – 01/05/2018 to 05/31/2018


Q1 2017

Moveco’s founders Lawrence & XT raised funding for Cove from InMotion Ventures (Jaguar Land Rover’s investment arm)

Q2 2017

Developed technology device Drivebox V1. Drivebox was tested & installed in Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles through Cove

Q3 2017

Worked with largest dealership in HK to test Drivebox in various brands of cars eg. INFINITI & Nissan

Started building data insights through Cove / Began engaging corporate cus- tomers interested in Drivebox

Q4 2017

Lawrence & XT joined the INFINITI 3.0 ac- celerator program in Hong Kong and worked closely to develop our technologies through Cove

Q1 2018 JAN – FEB

Began partnership building for Moveco app (Mobility corporates & redemption platform partners)

Q1 2018 MAR

Started development of Moveco pilot app (to be tested with controlled amount of users)

Q1 2018 MAR

Launch of Private token sale

Integrate with Cove’s payment channels

Built partnerships with potential data users

Q2 2018 APR

Launch of Pre-sale to Corporate partners

Launch of redemption platform for pilot

Launch of Moveco app beta

Q3 2018 MAY & JUN

Expand team (key roles – data scientists, business development manager & developers)

Q4 2018

Release of Moveco App v1

Q2 2019

Launch of Moveco Data Hub

Expand partnerships in Asia

Q3 2019

Launch of Moveco Data Insights platform

Q4 2019

Expand partnerships & team outside of Asia

moveco partners.

The capabilities of the platform will include several reward mechanisms for different levels of data collected. These modules will be available for marketing specialists and researchers looking to collect data on mobility behaviors and preferences, as well as trends related to transportation.

The team behind Moveco

This is a unique business model, offered by professionals who have experience in related fields. The main team consists of XT Khaw, co-founder and CEO. Lawrence Hui is the technical director and co-founder, and Kirk Yip is the head of the development department, as well as the co-founder of this platform. The central team has the support of others in various fields, who are working to complete the business model in accordance with the intended objectives.

For more information please visit the links below;


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Discordia: https: //


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