Changing Movie Industry With Blockchain

Changing Movie Industry With Blockchain  – You definitely do not know about MoviesChain, this platform has now thrilled the world of cinema. Are you curious about this one project? Let’s see our explanation on this occasion! 

MoviesChain by TVzavr is a revolution in the distribution of independent films, MoviesChain by TVzavr decentralizes and dissolves the global independent film distribution industry, providing unparalleled efficiency, transparency and global scalability. 

This platform includes a newly created platform for connecting viewers with independent filmmakers who avoid manufacturers and marketers.

The MoviesChain by TVzavr platform directly connects filmmakers and viewers, significantly reducing marketing and distribution costs. This new technology effectively eliminates middlemen, who now receive up to half of the revenue each movie sees, from the movie-watching chain. 

The platform opens new opportunities for independent filmmakers by offering them a simple, completely transparent and financially attractive distribution plan that uses online theaters. All of this allows art enthusiasts to watch movies from their favorite directors and other people who will soon appear soon after the premiere of their film at the festival.

The movie-to-view chain will provide quick and easy access to the latest video content. Protection against piracy guaranteed by blockchain technology will help film directors earn money. One movie will cost 1.5 USD.

About MoviesChain

  • Founded in 2009, we are a leading Russian video-on-demand company.
  • In 2010, we received $ 15 million in venture capital funding to form a strong team of 70 specialists.
  • We have 68 million unique users by 2016; by 2017 we have 25 million users who watch videos on our platform every month.
  • In 2016, we earned $ 6 million in revenue.
  • FilmChain by TVzavr is supported by our unique content delivery network system and Akamai network on 50 servers worldwide.
  • Film Composed by TVzavr entertainment content cryptographically protected by our own unique data rights management system, which has AES-128 standard at its core.
  • Since 2010, our content is available worldwide on Smart TV, Smartphones, and set-top-boxes.
  • Our advertising clients are the largest companies in the world, including those on the Fortune 500 list.
The MoviesChain by TVzavr will release a token (ZVR) that can be lifted during ICO on April 16th. 

Movie The frontend system has been functioning since 2010 and our backend system will be ready by the time we close our ICO. Funds from ICO will be used for marketing and purchasing video content. 

Sales Token Sales

Token will take place in 5 stages. During the first stage, only whitelisted members can get tokens. It is possible to whitelist by sending personal data on the site. 

The third member of the white list will receive a 25% bonus. The remaining white list members receive a 20% bonus. 
The second stage has a 15% free tokens bonus. 
The third stage has a 10% free tokens bonus. 
The fourth stage has a 5% bonus free tokens
The fifth stage has a 3% free tokens bonus. 

Bonus of up to 10% will be awarded for the number of tokens purchased:

  • 10,000-50,000 ZVR – + 3% free tokens
  • 50.000-150.000 ZVR – + 5% free tokens
  • 150.000-350.000 ZVR – + 7% free tokens
  • Over 350,000 ZVR – + 10% free tokens

Token sales terms and conditions will be clarified more closely with the Token sale launch. 

Token Distribution

  • 100 million tokens will be issued
  • 70% will be distributed during the initial sale
  • 5% will remain in the reserve fund if it is not possible to buy tokens in the secondary market for reward programs
  • 2% will be opted out for reward campaigns
  • 23% will be transferred to the initial investment team

All allocations will be changed proportionally, keeping the same percentage of allocations for initial sales, reserve funds, bounty campaigns and team allocations, if less than 70 million tokens are sold during initial sales. 

Distribution of funds received from original token release:

  • Marketing-50%
  • IT-20% Development
  • Operational Cost-20%
  • Legal Support-5%
  • Board of Directors and Advisory Board-5%
Important Information Token ZVR
ZVR will be launched starting April 16th in the Ethereum blockchain in the form of the ERC20 token. 100 million ZVR will be published in total, distributing 70 million ZVR during the initial offer.
ZVR token sales will last for three months. The minimum required investment (softcap) will be $ 5 million and the maximum (hardcap) will be $ 30 million. The token price will be determined when the offer begins. During the first stage, only white list participants listed at can buy chips. The first third of the participants in the first phase will receive a 25% bonus. The remaining participants of the first phase will receive a 20% bonus.
Roadmap & Tim
Here is the MoviesChain roadmap: 
And this is a row of MoviesChain team:
Program Bounty
Many of you ask about bounty programs. The MoviesChain by TVzavr is ready to share difficult facts with you. It will start after ICO. Thus, 2% of token sales proceeds will be allocated to the reward program. Token will be sent to all participants in ETH wallet. About shares:
  • 25% token of budget allocated to Social Media Bounty (Facebook and Twitter).
  • 40% token of budget is allocated to Blog & Video Articles Bounty.
  • 30% token from budget allocated to Signature Bounty.
  • 5% token from budget allocated to Telegram Logo and Tittle Bounty.
Everyone who completes the application before the set date will receive a 20% bonus for their share / token.
There will be Telegram, Facebook and Twitter bounty. Follow and follow us. More details, please visit some references below:

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