*”There was an idea *to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more.”

This famous dialogue from Avengers saw many applaud from the audience all around the world. The American superhero movie was seen by almost whole the world, but how did it reach everywhere without any piracy or leakage of any footage of the films? This was possible due to the network of distribution houses that took care of the facts that these films reach their places on time without any damage.

Now,* what is a Distribution House?* Distribution of Films to the multiplexes and various other platforms for the viewers is done by distribution house. It is sometimes done by the production house itself or film is sold to any distribution house which in turn carry out work for its promotion and more. Distribution House is an association that looks at the other end of the film industry that is not creative but pro-active in management and has a huge knowledge of the worldwide market. It is the one, who take calls for Release Dates, Promotional activities, Advertising, Distribution platform, Market to release, sometimes casting, selling of rights, etc. So, one can understand that it is not a small thing. It too has a huge share in the success or failure of the film. The distribution of movie or rights to present a film is different in different countries like in India they sell rights even when the film is in production stage to support the financial needs required earlier while some countries prefer selling rights in post-production stage!

But then how does a maker get their earnings of hard work?

The process of flow of money in this industry is done in a simple way

  1. The film is made with the help of artists, directors, cameramen and many people where the work is funded till now by the production houses.
  2. Production Houses then, carry out work of distribution or sell the film to individual distribution houses.
  3. Then it is time to concentrate on marketing and promotion of the film. Promotion depends on many factors like type of film (anime, sci-fi, drama etc.), target audience, type of content, etc.
  4. Distributors sell the film to sub-distributors which in turn sell the film to the theaters. By selling the tickets they earn some earnings. They share their earnings with the distributors in 25:75 ratio or any other depending upon the type of Cineplex.

The big production houses like Walt Disney, Century Fox, Paramount Pictures etc. invest a lot on the distribution of films, thus a major part of the amount is crunched by them. Thus small individual production houses face many problems in reaching to the people.

Like these many problems surround this industry which needed to be solved

  1. Lack of Ideas: The industry doesn’t supply enough ideas to attract more people. The ones who have ideas, Lack with funs to promote them and thus it doesn’t reach enough people to recover their invested amount.
  2. Lack of Marketing Research: Hitting the right audience is essential. This requires enough marketing research, new ideas for promotions etc. And this again requires enough funds.
  3. Lack of platform: This individual talent can’t showcase their talent to the public due to lack of platforms as other platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. has already caught public’s eyes.

Movieschain by TVzavr has brought a great solution to cater above problems. They have developed Decentralized ecosystem supported by blockchain technology to serve video content to the audience through all the possible platforms available around the world. Thus public can watch quality contents produced by individual makers across mobile phones, smart TV, Cineplex etc.

TVzavr is one the Russia’s leading video streaming app which serves the audience with great stories. They have made Movieschain with their experience to serve both audience and the filmmakers. The model thus created for the distribution of content is good enough to generate enough revenue for the filmmakers, which would encourage them to make more films with better quality. It will eliminate the middle man which used to eat up their hard worked earnings giving 90% of their profits directly to them. For this ZVR tokens are generated.

ZVR Tokens will help viewers to get access to the desired content in the app. (Screenshots of the app are given below).

Thus the filmmaker will sell their content to the company and get rewarded with ZVR tokens and profits. These contents will be then available to the public which can be brought against ZVR tokens. The audience can also participate in the reward system which will distribute tokens to the viewers who get selected or to the ones who has rated or commented for the content, which will help content makers to understand their audience.

ICO and the Team

The company will release tokens for the public in 5 stages, where with coming stages the amount of bonus decreases and price of the token increase. Thus it is better to get those as early as possible. A total of 100 million of tokens will be on the sale, where only 70% will be distributed to the public and remaining will be reserved for investment team and bounty programs. The funds generated will be used for various purposes like for legal support, Marketing, IT development and many others.


Ideas are generated every night in millions of minds but there are only few who can express their ideas to the audience. Well, filmmaking job is not an easy one, and neither distributing it. Thus Movieschain coming up with ways to promote content, distribute it, and entertain the world with it will surely give relief to the individual filmmakers. It will help bring you the best quality of contents with fresh stories with more drama, with more action and with more fun.

*So which movie are you watching tonight? *

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