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MoviesChain by TVzavr is a transformation in independent film distribution, MoviesChain by TVzavr decentralizes as well as spreads the worldwide independent film distribution industry, offering unrivaled performance, transparency and also worldwide scalability.

Tvzavr as a new platform published by developers with large colleagues has extensively studied and found many other problems faced by film producers. Tvzavr will provide solutions to the problem of film production through MoviesChain they carry the concept that is so radical in making changes to technology systems and marketing the film industry. MoviesChain by TVzavr is the first blockchain, safe, and anti-failure platform that directly brings together independent movie and cinema viewers.

With TVzavr systems that are safe, wear-break, and resist-resistant, based on blockchain technology, clients can gain access to a large number of unique cinematographic content that are not available from a global chain, such as Netflix,, or other similar services. FilmChain by TVzavr decentralizes and disperses the global independent film distribution industry, providing unparalleled efficiency, transparency and global scalability.


The MoviesChain by TVzavr’s objective is to occupy a multibillion-dollar niche, using our existing client base wealth, our unrivaled connections in industry independent movies, and our unique bespoke front-end platform available on Android, iOS, SmartTV , desktops and set-top boxes worldwide. MoviesChain by T Vzavr is a game changer because this is the first movie distribution platform based on blockchain technology. TVzavr’s film disintermediates the usual independent film distribution industry, applying the principles of decentralization to an industry that currently relies on non-transparent predatory practices. Our ultimate goal is the creation and prosperous growth of a fully decentralized independent film industry.

Our platform addresses all the above market inefficiencies by fully decentralizing and destroying the independent film distribution industry. MoviesChain by the streaming platform TVzavr gives independent film producers the ability to rent or sell their projects to a global audience. Unlike other platforms, MoviesChain by TVzavr allows independent film producers to save up to 90% of their profits.


MoviesChain’s mission by TVzavr is to provide independent filmmakers with a transparent system to distribute content on a very globally attractive financial condition while providing our customers with quality and affordable independent films. MoviesChain by TVzavr will also connect audience connections with independent filmmakers and mainstream studios. A team with more than 70 employees at is working to provide FilmChain by TVzavr a strong platform foundation and infrastructure development that the project needs.


  • Convenience of navigation on the site;
  • Innovative recommendatory system for the user;
  • Attractive prices for consumers.


ZVR Token is a one-of-a-kind blockchain-based cryptocurrency designed to deliver exclusive access to movies produced by independent film producers. ZVR Token is further designed to overcome inefficiencies in the independent film distribution industry by serving as a means of exchange on the MoviesChain by TVzavr platform. ZVR tokens will allow rental or purchase of video content on the MoviesChain by TVzavr platform, allowing everyone access to quality content. At its core, MoviesChain by TVzavr embedded, immutable, and transparent accounting practices, as well as attractive pricing, will restore trust and confidence to creators of original content, thereby securing artistic freedom of expression. In addition, to enhance the customer experience and gain viewer interest, the platform includes bonus rewards for ZVR token holders, allocating 10% of all revenues (including revenues in fiat and cryptocurrencies) from the platform to a bonus pool.

Token Details

  • Symbol: ZVR
  • Type: ERC20
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total number of tokens for sale: 70,000,000 ZVR
  • Total issue volume: 100,000,000 ZVR
  • Minimum transaction size: unlimited
  • Accepted currency: ETH, BTC

The sale of tokens will take place in 5 identical in duration stages.

  • At the first stage, only participants registered in the whitelist can leave the token, leaving preliminary requests for the purchase of tokens. Register for the first stage can be, leaving your data on the official website.

The first third of the participants in the first stage receive a 25% bonus. The remaining participants of the first stage receive a bonus of 20%.

  • The second stage provides a bonus of 15% of free tokens.
  • The third stage provides a bonus of 10% free tokens.
  • At the fourth stage, a bonus of 5% free tokens is given.
  • In the fifth stage, a bonus of 3% of free tokens is given.

Also, there are additional bonuses up to 10% for the number of tokens purchased:

  • From 10,000 to 50,000 ZVR – + 3% free tokens.
  • From 50,000 to 150,000 ZVR – + 5% free tokens.
  • From 150,000 to 350,000 ZVR – + 7% free tokens.
  • More than 350,000 ZVR – + 10% free tokens.

Dates: April 16, 2018 – July 16, 2018.

As stated above, the total volume of the issue will be 100,000,000 tokens, of which:

  • 70% will be distributed during the initial release.
  • 23% will be transferred to the team of initial project investors
  • 5% remain in the reserve fund.
  • 2% will be allocated for the bounty campaign.



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