The movie industry is an entertainment platform we all enjoy viewing from our day to day activates. Every kids and adults have enjoy the view on one side of the chain but got no idea of what goes on behind the scenes of who write and direct this movies for production. Have developed so much interest industry and discovered the problems independent film makers passes through. Currently, most of a film’s budget and revenues go to distribution and marketing third-parties instead of directly to filmmakers. This lack of funding leads to many talented filmmakers and screenwriters turning to exhibition venues, this lack of funding leads to many talented filmmakers and screenwriters turning to exhibition venues. Every year, thousands of films are released, ranging from thrillers, to animated films for children. However, quantity is not always equal to quality. Even famous directors, actors, or popular studios do not necessarily make films that become masterpieces. And while new films are constantly being released, it is obvious that cinema is in a state of crisis.

Crisis occurs due to the following factors in the film industry


Profit versus art

Meaningless Formulaic plots

Piracy and Copyright Infringement

All these problems enumerate from traditional ways of going about the film projects in the system mostly due to the greed and economy push just to make gain. From my observation I also believe that the chain is been driven by topmost companies who have been full establish in the movie trend industry with no other ways to come about idea.


MoviesChain by TVzavr presents revolutionary technology that will help to solve the film industry problem with use of blockchain technology, will focus on eliminating intermediary distributors between viewers and independent producers of quality films.

MoviesChain by TVzavr’s innovative model of content distribution will not only encourage independent filmmakers and producers to produce more quality films but will also challenge the monopoly that is currently being held by major movie studios. This will make it easier for both new and established independent filmmakers to enter the market directly by drastically reducing the amount of money required to start production.

With proper investigation of the film market with data gotten and accumulated over time statistically predicts on how to go about the betterment of the film industry on a decentralized blockchain platform predicting factors that bring about risk for bring about a better platform for development. The technological advances of blockchain can more effectively and securely reset pricing, direct advertising, handle revenue sharing and royalty payment processes. With the decentralized platform of blockchain technology, payments and advertising revenues will no longer be collected by a centralized authority, such as a traditional brick-and-mortar bank, thus payment transactions will be less costly. The distribution of revenues will now instead be automated with pre-defined smart contracts.

The platform has developed an Ethereum-based platform, which directly links viewers with both major and independent film producers. Four main benefits of MoviesChain by TVzavr v. 1.0 are:

  1. A user-friendly navigation interface
  2. State of the art recommendation system
  3. Attractive pricing for viewers
  4. The ZVR crypto-token

MoviesChain by TVzavr works by having ZVR tokens transfer value from an independent film rights owner directly to a customer over the MoviesChain by TVzavr network. Independent film rights owners can customize conditions of access to the video content under the terms of Ricardian smart contracts. This will allow independent films rights owners both to dictate and enforce the terms of access to the video content. Both customers and independent films rights owners, or independent film producers, will also be able sell ZVR tokens on the secondary market. To enhance customer experience, the platform will be equipped with a recommendation system that is based on the selected country of the user, the user’s activity, as well as their search history. All content placed by rights holders or independent movie producers will be cryptographically protected, using MoviesChain by TVzavr’s own Digital Rights Management (DRM) system based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-128), and distributed to clients via Content Distribution Network (CDN). MoviesChain by TVzavr will be one of the first blockchain platforms using Ricardian smart contracts, which are now legal in several U.S. states. Terms of use for ZVR tokens are written in the Turing-complete programming language, known as Solidity. Independent film rights owners will be able to design the terms of their ZVR’s, using a user-friendly Application Programming Interface (“API”). Specialized technical knowledge will not be required, which is the case with other smart contract programming languages.

The project will be accessible on the Internet, mobile platforms (iOS and Android), Smart TV, and set-top boxes (all major brands). It will also be possible to start and continue watching the same movie on different devices (multiscreen).

After the launch of MoviesChain by TVzavr v. 1.0 platform, our plan is to further expand the product model in order to create a global social ecosystem that will fully support independent film producers. MoviesChain by TVzavr v. 2.0 will thus give every potential filmmaker everything they need to start a successful career.

MoviesChain by TVzavr v. 2.0 is implemented, an integrated social system, geared towards developing a marketing vision for independent filmmakers will be created. It will offer research pertaining to viewer interests, both on the platform and off. Advanced marketing solutions, the education platform, crowdfunding, and the social network will all allow independent filmmakers the opportunity to create high-quality content, advertise their films to audiences, and gain opportunities to fund their film projects.


MoviesChain Target

This is an advertising component in the platform that brings together independent filmmakers from around the world and allows them to promote their projects to specific target audiences. The partner program, MoviesChain Target, will give filmmakers an opportunity to monetize their video entertainment content by advertising on the platform. An auction-pricing model and powerful targeting tools will ensure maximum efficiency when it comes to advertising campaigns. Film producers will get the opportunity to monetize their video entertainment content through a base of millions of users that will promote these products on MoviesChain Target.


MoviesChain University

This is an online university that offers a wide-range of Film Education, Film History, Film Theory and Film Aesthetics courses that have been developed to meet film industry standards. At MoviesChain University, one can study Acting for Film, Photography, Documentary Filmmaking, Producing, Screenwriting, 3D Animation and Visual Effects, Cinematography, Broadcast Journalism, Computer Game Design, Editing, Musical Theater, and Graphic Design.

MoviesChain Screen

This is a social network that allows independent film producers, and users interested in independent films, to introduce themselves, communicate with each other, establish social ties, and to create their own teams for producing movies. The content is created by users (UGC, user-generated content). The social network, MoviesChain Screen, brings together not only people interested in film, but many others, from all different nationalities, religions, professions, social groups, ages, genders, etc. MoviesChain Screen will be used by filmmakers and other individuals alike. All users will be able to communicate with each other directly, without having to use other tools, such as email or instant messengers. Users will also be able to comment on posts. MoviesChain Screen additionally has the tools required to create interest communities, where communication can also take place in smaller groups.

MoviesChain Investment

This platform makes raising money easier by creating a model that is better than traditional forms of investment. Anyone who wants to get funding just has to register and post a project description on MoviesChain by TVzavr. The platform will integrate a system of criteria that will include crowdfunding projects. MoviesChain Investment will be the best platform for discovering great projects and raise funding for creative ideas to become a reality. In contributing to independent film production, users become both investors and insiders as they support projects, all of which will facilitate further growth.

MoviesChain Awards

This is an online platform that gives talented independent filmmakers the opportunity to participate in annual local, national, and international film festivals in order to advertise and create awareness of their work. In addition, an exclusive rating system will be used on the platform to select the best work from MoviesChain University students.


MoviesChain Promotion

MoviesChain Promotion’s integrated communications strategy is aimed at increasing viewers interested in independent cinema through creating loyalty and sales promotion programs that will enable user involvement to grow quickly. This program is set to develop cost-effective marketing solutions to support the MoviesChain online platform.

MoviesChain Promotion’s marketing strategy will also involve a target audience that prefers major movie releases.



The Token sale will take place in 5 stages. During the first stage, only whitelist members will be able to acquire tokens. It is possible to sign up for the whitelist by submitting personal data on the site.

  • The first third of whitelist members will receive a 25% bonus. The remaining whitelist members receive a 20% bonus.
  • The second stage has a bonus of 15% of free tokens.
  • The third stage has a bonus of 10% of free tokens.
  • The fourth stage has a bonus of 5% of free tokens
  • The fifth stage has a bonus of 3% of free tokens. A bonus of up to 10% will be given for the number of tokens purchased:
  • 10,000 — 50,000 ZVR — +3% of free tokens
  • 50,000 — 150,000 ZVR — +5% of free tokens
  • 150,000 — 350,000 ZVR — +7% of free tokens
  • over 350,000 ZVR — +10% of free tokens

Terms and conditions of the Token sale will be clarified closer to the launch of the Token sale. MOVIESCHAIN BY TVZAVR 27 VERSION 1.3 / Apr 9 2018 MOVIESCHAIN.IO


ZVR will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC tokens. After a certain number of tokens have been sold, the cost of tokens will gradually increase over time. The ZVR Token sale will take place from 2018 Q2 to 2018 Q3. The exact date of token sale to be announced. The softcap will be $5 million, and the hardcap will be $30 million. Acceptable cryptocurrencies that can be used during the process of Token sale are: ETH and BTC. The price for tokens will be determined when the Token sale launches. All unsold tokens will be burned. In the case that the revenue from the Token sale is less than $5 million, then all collected funds will be returned to the original owners.


100 million tokens will be issued:

  • 70% will be distributed during the initial sale
  • 5% will remain in the reserve fund in the case it is not possible to purchase tokens on the secondary market for the reward program
  • 2% will be set aside for the bounty campaign
  • 23% will be transferred to the initial investment team All allocations will be changed proportionally, keeping the same percentage of allocation for initial sale, reserve fund, bounty campaign and allocation to the team, if less than 70 million tokens are sold during the initial sale.

All allocations will be changed proportionally, keeping the same percentage of allocation for initial sale, reserve fund, bounty campaign and allocation to the team, if less than 70 million tokens are sold during the initial sale.

Distribution of funds received from the original token release:

  • Marketing-50%
  • IT Development-20%
  • Operating Expenses-20%
  • Legal Support-5%
  • Board of Directors and Advisory Board-5%

















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