Hello my dear friends. I want this information to Illuminate the Project A technology called MPCX is becoming more popular and interesting for many new users who have hungry eyes and brief information. The latter must collect crumbs, check your own time and wallet. To answer which question is the right money to invest, which ICO will shoot 100%, I can’t, but I will try to tell and photograph me about the money. Today we will analyze MPCX project. What is this ICO and is it worth investing in it?
What is MPCX?
MPCX is a financial service platform driven by digital blockchain for innovative crypto investors. It’s important to be passionate and have dreams. we believe that financial services must be as transparent as possible and designed to help people to achieve their wealth goals. The FinTech community proposes solution to various problems, but when it comes to crypto related assets there are several solutions available and this fact is of concern initial crypto adopters. We believe there is a strong potential for interference with blockchain technology and the ICO represents innovative ways to increase capital. We want lead by example and support disruptive use cases. To improve our project development, we have decided to seek support from members Blockchain and Crypto communities that share our vision. That’s why we are decided to fund the development of the MPCX Platform through publishing XDMC tokens that will be used to pay for platform services and participate in platform development. Our ICO will have several stages including one pre-ICO round, to be improved funds for the development of the MPCX platform. During the pre-ICO round, XDMC tokens will be distributed with maximum discount from all funding rounds. More information about XDMC Token Sales and various ICO stages is provided in this document
MPCX is a digital blockchain driven financial services platform. At the end of
the third stage of the MPCX Platform’s development we will have
implemented the following ecosystem:
Our solution will be based on the Ethereum Blockchain and has the
potential to significantly disrupt the banking and wealth management
landscape. Fully digital solutions will make it possible for clients from the
mass and mass affluent segments to recieve for the first time high quality
crypto trading and wealth management services.
Onboarding, KYC, AML Paymet and Banking Solution MPCX Digital
Wealth Management.
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