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MPCX Platform is a London based digital crypto wealth management company. One of the first U.K. crypto wealth management companies based on the blockchain technology and created by a team of financial experts. MPCX’s fundamental principle, maintaining a strong, healthy relationship with our community and being committed to our social responsibility is something we strive for everyday:

  • Voting through PoG,
  • Delivery of scientific advancements through our innovative products,
  • Helping the unbanked ones through our unique wealth management structure, and many more, in order to maintain transparency and operate with efficiency.

What’s MPCX Platform?

​​MPCX is a user-friendly platform, which expands your comfort zone into crypto assets. Traditional mutual fund’s processes last approximately 3 days, involving a series of people, departments and actions. We propose something simple, yet radical. Bringing advanced AI algorithms to eliminate human error and time waste.Now the process takes less than 1 hour. Isn’t that future? Still not sure? https://tokensale.mpcx.co/?mode=sign

It’s very amazing after understanding the methodology behind MPCX’s crypto indices and how they will secure digitalised assets. MPCX project introduced a radical consensus, Proof of Governance, which gives each holder unique rights inside the platform, in order to establish a well tailored, long lasting relationship every innovative investors, who are eager to manage their digital assets through MPCX.

The experienced and hardworking team has really taken their time to provide the best of platform for crypto users and I have no doubt that the project is already a success. MPCX platform community is the right place to be. Let’s invest in this legit project , support the team and together we will disrupt the crypto financial market.


Please review our roadmap carefully. Our crypto exchange will be ready in Q4 2019. However, our beta version of MPCX Platform with our unique products at first phase, which ensure a smooth wealth management experience will be public before the end of the year…

XDMC was firstly listed on Waves Dex because this was the team’s decision to ensure liquidity for early investors and reassure everyone that our project is safe. However, our development course required a migration towards ETH MainNet.


The amount of funds that have been raised during our preliminary crowdsale, 1000ETH were raised exceeding our Soft Cap.
You can check live XDMC price at https://mpcx.co
ICO price will be announced along with the date.. Don’t forget to get whitelisted upon our public tokensale.

Stay tuned, join now — https://mpcx.co

Whitelist registration open: https://tokensale.mpcx.co/?mode=sign

Whitepaper: https://mpcx.co/documents

Telegram channel: https://t.me/MPCXPlatfromCommunity

Proof of ownership: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2134433


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