MT7 Progressive Trading Platform

The Masternet project launched the MT7 trading platform, which will be discussed in this article. The platform will have a very simple interface. This means that this platform will have its advantages over its competitors, since absolutely any newcomer can deal with it. MT7 will have the functions of placing normal orders, as well as the ability to set take profits. The progressive trading model will be supported in the same way, which gives each trader the opportunity to share profits when trading occurs in cycles, based on the total number of trades made by each trader, in this cycle. Each such cycle will have hundreds of cycles participating with a different number of investment orders, each of which will contribute to the total volume of trade.

Also, the MT7 trading platform has its own charts, history of all trade, chat for correspondence between users. Everyone can customize their profile: wallet, see who is the best trader at a given time, adjust personal security, and contact technical support if you have any questions or problems. All asked questions and answers to them can be viewed.

Turning into a wallet, we can make a purchase, transfer, as well as withdraw personal funds stored on the platform. As for the tab, the best traders, there we will find out all the information about the deals made by the most successful traders. This is the trading volume, the profit received for all feasible trading, as well as the session, that is, how long it took. At the moment, there are already a large number of successful traders, although the platform has just recently launched. Profit can be viewed in a month, a week, today. In addition, we will track and their own profits. As you can see for the user it will be very convenient.

You can trade both automatically and using a bot. The use of a multi-level system will lead to the trust of traders, and the verification system will be mandatory. This is necessary to provide the quality of the upcoming participants and to maintain the overall security of the trading network. So far, only trusted traders have been selected to experience all the features of this platform at the moment. The MT7 is built using Masternet and Akasic Global. Highly qualified and loyal investors were involved in launching the platform. The trading bot can be purchased at prices ranging from $ 100 to $ 7,000.


I believe that the MT7 trading platform has clear advantages over the potential and performance of the old platforms. In addition, the platform gives everyone the opportunity to receive bonuses depending on the level. Using a trading bot will allow everyone to make a profit during the bidding. And it will interest many users. The MT7 trading platform will allow many users to save their personal time and increase their investment. A multi-level system, higher profits and the use of simple actions for this will arouse the interest of many users. At this point, I finish the review. More detailed information can be found on the links below.

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