MT7: The Progressive Trading Platform


The Cryptocurrency market is in the dip – a correction phase. But the adoption rate of blockchain technology is increasing very quickly. In fact, even cryptocurrencies that are referred to as altcoins are raising funds and achieving Hardcaps.

Although the cryptocurrency market is witnessing a downturn, one service sector has been and will remain a stable part of the Crypto market: Exchanges.

Cryptocurrency exchanges still remain largely unaffected by the bear market and exchanges profit from both bear and bull markets as traders need to buy and sell regardless of the situation of the mrket

Furthermore, cryptocurrency exchanges continue to rake unusual gains when new users first join Blockchain communities, as cryptocurrency exchanges are usually the first place where new users acquire new coins and tokens.

The Cryptocurrency Exchange Terrain

Considering the obvious importance of exchanges, a large number of entrepreneurs have sought to create an exchange – Competition has been very tough. This is good thing though as it allows exchange owners to think out of the box and provide customers with amazing features that other platforms has failed to provide.


In order to beat the competition in the market, cryptocurrency trading platforms have integrated unique features to give them competitive edges. But while many exchanges offer different trading interface for various levels of trading expertise, all has failed in developing a platform designed for the community – a trading display that welcomes every user regardless of their level of knowledge of cryptocurrency trading. None has created an exchange dedicated to the community, a trading platform aimed at encouraging the community of traders and giving them the best experience

The MT7 progressive trading platform engage marketing campaigns to promote its uniqueness from other exchanges, MT7 has avoided the usual approach taken by the typical exchanges. The progressive platform is targeting the community as an important factor for the success of any project. The exchange offers unrivalled low fees for the traders. This will help the platform the platform to achieve a good liquidity.

Aiming for Liquidity

While MT7 is taking important measures to build highly liquid exchange, MASH tokens functionality is designed to build a long-term benefit for the exchange platforms liquidity.


MT7 intends to offer an incredibly low fees for the best interest of the community. The progressive trading platform is cored on disrupting the exchange sector by leveraging the Binary Option to provide investors from around the world with the best option to trade cryptocurrencies and make profits very easily.

The platform intends to follow on the success preceeded by MT6 utilizing the BO; following on the principle if simplicity in operations to achieve the maximum rate possible.


The Masternet MASH tokens will serve more than just a means to access fee discounts for the traders though

MASH tokens will make the MT7 progressive trading platform a community-centric as token holders will have the opportunity to participate in the certain decisions that will improve the platform. Therefore, the future of the MT7 lays in the hand of the community.

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