multi-dimensional, multi-dimensional project. Every step of its development changes the world a little platform

  What is MoCo?
     The MoCo platform is a multi-layered multi-dimensional project, and each step of development slightly changes the world. This is achieved by breaking the old paradigm and creating new opportunities. The first step is to provide 3D avatar chat and the world’s first creator market where users can communicate, make, buy and sell safely and securely. In the next step, MoCo will launch streaming chat and other services that fully break the current video streaming and video club models. The final step is to enable comprehensive 4K / 3D VR connectivity from anywhere in the world for anyone who has a smartphone or webcam. MoCo Token users can buy and sell original products and subscribe to streaming content quickly, efficiently and without losing quality.
Motion Communications (MoCo) is a revolutionary communication platform that will change the way you communicate online. In the first phase, we will present the world’s first anonymous Chat and Market Creator Avatar. The MoCo platform will create the next era of anonymous social networking services, in 3D and 4K VR, while providing a means for users to make money from their creativity and talent.
The MoCo Platform online market will include an Official Store where users can purchase content related to official avatars, and the Free Market where users can make money from content related to the original.
MoCo is planned to be distributed in a very large amount, which is 8 billion MoCo tokens. Distribution of these tokens will be divided into several groups, including 15% for Moco’s internal team and involved advisors, 20% for use in sales marketing and distribution products, 20% for crowd sales or trading to get platform development funds, 20% for returns to community, and 25% is used for returns to parts of companies that have partnerships.
Fund Allocation for Benefits of Selling MoCo Tokens
Funds obtained from the sale of MoCo tokens will be allocated to several categories, such as 15% used as refunds from a number of related parties, 10% to complete platform operating licenses, 20% to market Moco’s products and develop promotional activities to better introduce Moco to the public , 20% to build and improve platform infrastructure and complete various pending projects, 20% to finance the making of Moco software in the form of social media applications and games, and the remaining 20% ​​is used to develop Moco’s products.
 Our shared mission is to realize a totally new phase of communication with the help of our revolutionary technology. As stated in the summary, we plan to do this in three stages of development. As we know now, most of the crypto / blockchain projects are based on or based on sky dreams and promises of some rare products in the future that the mayor cannot do. MoCo has great dreams and some great future products, but we know that solving this problem requires time and effort, and you need your support to achieve it. When creating a road map and developing a three-level platform, MoCo Submission needs to restore the belief that there are truly legitimate projects, such as the restored MoCo project,
Chat with the world’s first anonymous 3D avatar
                                         And market makers
   VR Motion Communications (MoCo) is an innovative communication platform that changes the way we communicate on the Internet. In the first stage, we introduced the world’s first anonymous chat avatar. The online Market Creator shop on the MoCo platform has an official store where users can purchase content related to official avatars and free markets where users can generate original Avatar money. Related content
Live Streaming Chat and Virtual Reality 360 °
     Events held around the world The next stage will include World Cup matches, Super Bowls, sold-out concerts, MoCo platforms and technology, live broadcasts, live broadcasts, 4K / 8K, virtual reality 360 ° in real time Real-time deals are on the world side other. It also created a new world of VTuber – but in 3D – allowing users to also earn money from their creativity and talent.
From 2D communication to 3D communication
     The final stage of platform development combines AI video compression, 2D to 3D automatic AI conversion, and AI motion capture technology to allow users to enter virtual reality space using only their own webcam or mobile device. You Users can also create and buy their own avatar and bot characters, create and feel user-generated virtual RooMs, communicate with family members, and make friends with friends.

Being one of the digital platforms using blockchain technology will certainly make Moco a market that also promotes the use of digital tokens on it. Every service they provide and is determined to be paid can be paid for using Moco’s tokens. This token has several functions other than payment instruments. However, before you learn more about the Moco token function, you must first know the specifications of the Moco tokens.

Introduction to the Moco Digital Token

Moco Tokens is a digital asset that runs on this platform. The symbol of Moco tokens is MoCo, which means Motion Communications. Moco officially released this token as an ERC20 type service token. This type is usually found in a number of other digital tokens, which means that the system is protected by blockchain technology, which is phenomenal. The Blockchain makes this digital token its own security system that can protect it both during storage and during distribution. This Blockchain Ethereum is considered easy to use and immediately implements smart contracts in transactions. Ethereum also prevents excessive cycles and DOS attacks against crowdsale. In addition, the GHOST Ethereum protocol will speed up the creation of new blocks so that transactions can also be done faster. Duration

Distribution of MoCo Tokens

MoCo is planned to be distributed in a very large number, amounting to 8 billion MoCo tokens. Distribution of these tokens will be divided into several groups, including 15% for Moco’s internal teams and consultants involved, 20% for use in sales and distribution marketing products, 20% for mass sales or trade to receive funds to develop a 20% platform for returns on community, and 25% is used to return from companies that have partnerships.

Fund allocation for sales of MoCo tokens

The proceeds from the sale of MoCo tokens will be divided into several categories, such as 15%, used as a replacement from a number of related parties, 10% to complete licenses to operate the platform, 20% to market Moco’s products and develop promotional activities to better present Moco, the public said 20% for the creation and improvement of platform infrastructure and completion of various unfinished projects, 20% to finance the development of Moco software in the form of applications and games for social networks, and the remaining 20% ​​is used to develop Moco’s products.

Sales of MoCo Tokens

Moco has set a maximum profit target or soft minimum of $ 6 million, and a maximum profit of a maximum of $ 28.8 million. Sales of MoCo tokens are currently underway. Sales of tokens continue from April 1, 2019 and will continue until September 30, 2019. With this sale, Moco does not give bonuses to users, because this is the last sales period and the period of sale of MoCo basic tokens and is opened in general. But Moco will give a bonus of more than 10% using the referral link on Moco’s digital wallet user account. Previously, Moco spent 4 pre-sales sales, which were first held on June 20, 2018. MoCo tokens can be purchased using digital currencies such as bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), and can also use standard currencies in the United States. Form of state dollars.

Function of MoCo Tokens

In general, MoCo tokens are specifically designed for payment services on this platform. Any interesting features or content can be purchased using MoCo tokens. This token can also facilitate the reception of services for each user who does not have a bank account. They may be indirectly involved in trade, but have greater access to the terms of trade through the cryo currency market. MoCo is a product that offers solutions to reduce the risk of financial loss. The use of MoCo tokens will not allow users to risk a decrease in the value of a currency, because the cryptocurrency system operates in different volumes. Using MoCo digital tokens, this will create a new economic zone for each owner of this token.

2018 / Q1
The birth of ideas for the MoCo Platform
2018 / Q2
2018 / Q2
Pre-Sales 1
2018 / Q3
The MoMoco project was established to develop the World’s 1 Anonymous 3D SNS Avatar application
2018 / Q3
Pre-Sales 2
2018 / Q3
First compression that works & Direct Streaming 4K / 5MBPS / 60FPS (only 3-10 seconds delay)
2018 / Q4
First successful compression & 4K / 5MBPS / 60FPS (360 °) Live Streaming
2018 / Q4
The first successful 3D scanning with a single camera using human subjects
2018 / Q4
Pre-Sales 3
2018 / Q4
Pre-Sales 4
2019 / Q2
Start Bulk Sales
2020 / Q1
MoMoCo 3D Avatar 1st Mock-up application
2020 / Q4
Launch of the MoMoCo Application Beta on the App Store
2021 / Q3
Launch of MoMoCo Marketplace
2021 / Q3
Launch of Game Fight Club
2022 / Q1
MoMoCoin = Moco Token Exchange System Launch
2022 / Q2
MoMoCo application 100,000 downloads
2022 / Q3
App Download MoMoCo 300,000
2022 / Q4
MoMoCo 500,000 application Download / Start Live Streaming Chat
2022 / Q4
VR Chat System / Real Time VR # 1
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