Multitoken Ethershift Wallet

Now comes Ethershif, a future of a leading investment system that utilizes mist Secure token exchange ,easier,& fastest . In this discussion will be briefly and concisely explained about ethershif.

welcome to the future of ERC20 trading because in today’s era everything is fast, safe and reliable. so, why are you still using a slow and difficult to use while Ethershif can make it easier for you to invest or use to exchange your personal tokens.

What is Ethershift?

Ethershift is a brand new ERC20 token exchange that provides the easiest way to acquire brand new up & coming tokens before the big exchanges list them!

Solution of ethershif

Ethershift has fixed all the problems traditional decentralized exchanges face. They are slow and hard to use for the average investor. We’ve made the process of buying up & coming tokens easier than ever!. Welcome to the future of ERC20 trading.

Why Ethershif?

Ethershif exchange is very simple. You select the token you’re sending and the token the like to receive. Click start transaction. Fill in your deposit and receiving address. That’s it! Now send your tokens to the address provided and the tokens you wanted will be in your wallet shortly.

The Ethershift token is not a utility token like most tokens on the market today. You do not need the Ethershift token to use Ethershifts services. The Ethershift token represents 50% of all fees Ethershift ever collects from transactions. Each quarter, 50% of all fees collected go towards buying back Ethershift tokens, and burning them.

The Ethershift wallet provides support for any ERC20/233 token and allows for the near instant exchange between tokens. With the utmost of thought put into security, all private keys are stored locally under several layers of security, and with a built in Web3 browser, interacting with decentralized applications has never been easier!

There are several ways ethershif are superior to these services. Ethershif will never do KYC. Personal privacy is of paramount importance to us and ethershif will stand up for users privacy. 

Ethershif tokens represent a revenue share of 50% of ALL fees collected by Ethershift. Each quarter that 50% will be airdropped to Ethershift token holders. Hurry up and join their main sale on 5 Nov! This a great opportunity for all you guys to invest and earn profit!


Aug 23rd – Sept 30th(SOLD OUT)

MAIN SALE(Stage 1) November 5th – 18th (75% of Hardcap Sold)

MAIN SALE (Stage 2)

Main Sale Round 2 Now LIVE! December 3rd – 16th,

just click HERE to get your token

More detail information click the link below:




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