Improved fourth generation blockchain technology

What is Multiversum
This is an improved fourth generation blockchain technology, designed to eliminate the problems that many users face. This type of Blockchain includes high scalability, shared chains, and a multidimensional structure.
Multiversum  presents itself as a block-chain version 4.0 due to the use of relational databases. According to Belarusian developers, these bases will be useful for all enterprises that plan to introduce blockchain technology into their activities.
Prerequisites for the development of the Multiversum project 
The emergence of Bitcoin and the first transactional digital money can be considered the period of the birth of the first generation of blockchain and the beginning of the era of crypto currency.
Blockchain version 2.0 is Ethereum, NEO, and other services that allow you to create intelligent contracts, decentralized applications, and release personal tokens.
Despite the many positive aspects, both versions of blockchain also had significant drawbacks: high power consumption and low transaction speed.
The projects that create blockchain 3.0 are so far only at the stage of origin. Their key goal is to increase the speed of operations with the help of special mechanisms. But it will not be realized exactly in the near future.
Therefore, the team  Multiversum  decided to develop a new product that would meet the modern requirements of consumers.
The objectives of the  Multiversum project
The mission of the platform is to meet the needs of market participants who require a high degree of security and want to increase their productivity with blockchain technology.
Multiversum  has three goals of different focus:
1. Social. It involves the personal growth of each individual and the enhancement of the prestige of human values.
2. Ecological. This goal is to save the planet and express regular and organized care for the environment.
3. Financial – the receipt of profit, which indicates the feasibility and effectiveness of the project.
Key objectives of the  Multiversum project
The Multiversum platform intends to solve the following problems:
 Impossibility to process complex data and provide it online.
 Lack of control over the integrity and security of the system through internal control, which creates modern blocking sub-items for such areas as finance, manufacturing, public services, etc.
 Low transaction speed and security.
Mechanisms of the Multiversum project 
Relational blockchain. Multiversum is able to manage not one, but several types of linear data, connecting them with each other in a multidimensional structure.
The volume of transactions. Multiversum network will be equipped with one 64-core server, which can process 64 thousand operations in 1 second. According to the developers, the network is capable of supporting much more cores, which indicates its infinite scalability.
Speed ​​of operations. For one operation, a maximum of 0.2 seconds will be spent. Thus, it will be possible to execute several transactions simultaneously.
Increased transaction security. Protocols of POW (Proof of Work) and POS (Proof of Stake) will be replaced with POI (Proof of Integrity). POI is a device for cryptographic verification of a cipher. Its advantage is the saving of computing power and at the same time ensuring a high security and integrity guarantee.
Crypto-currency wallet of the newest generation. The Multiversum project   plans to create a purse for storing digital money of increased security. Access to it is possible only through the presentation of biometric data (fingerprint, eye retina scan). This is considered to date the most reliable way of protection, because each person’s biometric data are unique and they are practically impossible to forge. Their collection will be carried out using a special technology, embedded in the smartphone.
Environmental Safety.  Multiversum  advocates environmental protection. It should also be noted that the project does not support the extraction of minerals and the unjustified waste of valuable energy. Therefore, the mechanisms used in the work are developed taking into account these principles. So, the protocol of Proof of Integrity, used for processing transactions, requires less energy and practically does not affect the environment.
Optimization of the platform. Multiversum network   in case of increased load on the main blockchain-network will distribute it to free nodes. Thus, the main circuit will consist of several sub-chains, thus making the data processing more rapid. The creators of the project call this “duplicated circuits”.
Recovery nodes. According to members of the team Multiversum, on several continents are located peripheral nodes of complete disaster recovery. This is in case there is a critical failure on the network.
Roadmap for the Multiversum project 
The team involved in the development and promotion of the Multiversum platform outlined a whole action plan:
 03.2018 – holding a presale (about 3 million dollars collected);
 04.2018 – conducting the main ICO;
 06.2018 – the beginning of the project development;
 09.2018 – DBMS on the abstraction chain;
 12.2018 – monitoring and updating the system;
 03.2019 – launch of Proof of Integrity and mobile applications for Android and iOS;
 06.2019 – placement of platform tokens on stock exchanges.
Features of ICO  Multiversum
Token: MTV
Cost: 1 US dollar
Total number of tokens: 141 million.
Tokens for sale: 107 million.
Softcap: $ 5 million
Hardcap: $ 35 million
The basic ICO began on May 1, 2018 and lasts until June 10th. Investors can use the bonus system:
 20% – 1-2 weeks;
 15% – 3-4 weeks;
 10% – 5-6 weeks.
1% of the implemented tokens the development team plans to transfer to charitable foundations.
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