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We all know what blockchains are, right? Yes, we know. Bitcoin, alpha cryptocurrency, and all its replicas based on the Proof of Work algorithm for transaction validation known as First Generation Blockchain. Second-generation Blockchain with Ethereum as its leader is a blockchain with smart contracts. They are allowed to own ownership of assets. 
First and Second Blockchain generations suffer from very low energy efficiency and slow validation and transactions per block. The purpose of the Third Generation blockchain is to solve the problem of scalability, speed and energy consumption of first and second blockchain generations suffer. To read more about the first three generations of blockchain, click:
Now imagine a blockchain equipped with complex data organization instead of data sequencing, chain-sharing, and reintegration to create much better scalability and parallelism, and the concept of validity of the Integrity Evidence (ie, cryptographic proof of server code). Yes, it’s Multiverse, the fourth generation blockchain. Basically, Multiverse will shake your world and fast.
What exactly is a Multiversum?
Multiversum is an advanced blockchain technology that offers weird features to overcome the inconvenience experienced by previous generations. The validation and crypto distribution technique is perfect for any environment, be it administrative or industrial or financial or governmental. 
Multiversum enables the creation of a Relational Crypto Database which is a highly sophisticated and organized data storage solution in place of this simple data model. It can process not only certain types of data, but a series of data is categorized in a graph of complex data structures associated with another. 
Basically, Multiversum laid the foundation for a decentralized system and was removed from self-understanding transactions.
Multiversum’s mission is to start a step generation in the blockchain world. It aims to create something better and more advanced. We’ve got the stars. Why not get out of the known universe? With the following goals, Multiversum aims to do that.
1, achievement of Crypto relational databases with self-validating complex data structures: Multiversum is set to be the first, first-order, decentralized or distributed crypto database; whatever is needed. This ability comes from the conceptualization of a chain entity. Multiversum technology is able to break the main chain into a secondary chain consisting of multiple sets of entities and records.
2, Data Sharding:
Data sharding is a form of database partition that separates huge databases into smaller, faster, and more manageable parts known as data shards. In Multiversum, each node will contain all of the chain data or part of it. When sharding data is required, the coordinator node will set the particular data partition mode to optimize their own distribution according to the current workload.
1, Freezable Wallets: Freezable wallet features must be included to prevent unlawful or suspicious activity after learning the feasibility of Business Logic.
To read more, visit the website via this link:
Why use Multiversum really?
I’ll tell you why you should because it’s amazing! Okay, I’ll explain the benefits to you.
Speed ​​and Technology: Multiversum, thanks to its ability to handle different transactions and the mechanism of separation and reassembly has a very high speed. These features enable it to achieve greater horizontal scalability and improve transaction processing.
Horizontal Scalability: Multiversum uses two different features to optimize system efficiency; High sharding and availability data. Data sharding allows the distribution of data between multiple nodes. Due to high availability, users can depend on the type of cluster that ensures the continuity of the service even if there is closure of multiple nodes in the network. With Multiversum, in case of multiple node failures, the cluster will autonomously reset the appropriate data distribution with each node until the operational recovery is complete.
Data Management: equipped with Crypto-Relational Database, Multiversum is more than capable of compiling data easily with no data boundaries. The evolved capability to manage this complex data scenario will allow users to implement all kinds of applications on Multiversum technology, thereby, paving the way for global diffusion of institutions, finance, industry and government, and thus making the blockchain world one big step forward . 
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Pre-ICO and ICO
• Pre-ICO: It will start from March 1, 2018 to March 31, 2018. It will show you the following:
25% bonus for contributions from 0 $ to 1,000 $ 
30% bonus for contributions from $ 1,000 to $ 50,000 
35% bonus for contributions above 50,000 $
• ICO: This will start from April 16, 2018 to June 10, 2018. It will show you the following:
1 and 2 weeks: 20% bonus 
week 3 and 4: 15% bonus 
5th and 6th week: 10% bonus 
7 and 8 weeks: 5% bonus
 Multiversum reserves the right to extend the ICO phase to 15 days in the event of problems in access to ICO or other unforeseen circumstances which can not be liable for, to ensure the participation of contributors.
Soft Cap – 5,000,000 $ (Fund will be refunded if soft cap will not be achieved during Pre-ICO and ICO) 
Hard Cap – 65,000,000 $ (Donation will be terminated as soon as hard cap is reached) 
Total Supply – 141,000,000 MTV
Airdrop from tokens that are not distributed twice a week to all purses that still hold 100% MTV tokens purchased at each ICO stage. Airdrop will begin two weeks after the end of ICO and will last for 18 months.
1% of the funds disbursed will be donated to charitable organizations.
Token Distribution
Contribution purpose
Technical Road Map
Founding Team
Development team
To see more about Team, click on the link:
So what exactly are you waiting for? Multiversum is a cream of crops. This is the best thing that ever happened in the blockchain world. None of its kind exists and I’m sure it will never exist. Do yourself a favor and invest ASAP!

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