MULTIVERSUM: First Crypto Database Relational Platform

Multiversum offers organized management of complex data and introduces a new concept called Proof of Integrity in place of the pow.Interoperability with other chains make of MULTIVERSUM the first Crypto Database Relational experiment, certainly an interesting innovation experiment in Blockchain.

Transaction speed: In under 0.2 seconds just, the assets are exchanged starting with one wallet then onto the next, finishing all the different advances that confirm their security.

The quickest on the planet. Number of Transactions: With its 64,000 TPS it is situated as the world’s first as far as transactions every second with a 64-Core server.

Extraordinary Transaction Security: The idea of POS (Proof-of-Stake) will never again exist, however of POI (Proof-of-Integrity).

Dividable chains: Optimization of the workload with an appropriation of assets among the accessible hubs because of the likelihood of part the principle chain into a few sub-chains.

Social Blockchain: another age of blockchain that will go from having the capacity to oversee just a single sort of information straightly to numerous kinds of information, identified with each other by identifier, in a multidimensional structure

Social DATABASE While the current Blockchain depend on a succession of transactions that speak to a solitary kind of information, Multiversum enables you to make a Relational Crypto Database, which enables you to have one sort of information, as well as a progression of information assembled in tables, in an intricate information structure, identified with each other by an identifier. ()

Multiversum is set to end up a progressed Blockchain innovation to offer highlights that convey answers for the universe of crypto approval and circulation, ready to be utilized as a part of any condition: Administrative, Industrial, Financial and Government.
The platform offers innovations and points of interest, which have never been assembled, keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the most ideal blend of security, dependability and association of exchanges. The exchange speed would be altogether speedier; the entire venture would be eco-accommodating and would not hurt our tendency at all. One of the principle innovations is the Proof of Integrity, which will offer security and will guarantee the Multiversum’s clients that their reserve exchanges would not endure any harms.

Discussing security, I couldn’t miss saying the Double Access Lock and Reverse Access Denial, which are there to ensure that your protection and exchanges are extremely very much ensured.

The tokens utilized on the platform are called MTV and the official cost per 1MTV is equivalent to $1, however all together for the organization to be profitable and the early investors to be empowered, there would be rewards, for which you can read in the ICO segment underneath.

The dialect utilized for coding on the Multiversum’s chain is Java content. The platform’s approach is one through Horizontal versatility, which would be accomplished with the assistance of 2 capacities. The first is Chainsplit, which implies that when a chain is required, it would briefly part into more chains and frame a web, keeping in mind the end goal to spread the workload. This would proceed until the point that all the essential procedures are finished. At the point when this is accomplished, the chain would turn out to be entire once more. The second strategy is Data sharding, which fundamentally permits the data’s circulation among multiple hubs.


The capacity to process diverse transactions in parallel and after that expansion procedure ability to interminability, including new processors without supplanting existing ones. The objective is the end of mining, which bolsters the Proof-of-Work, for another idea, the Proof-of-Integrity, a convention that checks the honesty and realness of the product that goes to settle each ingenuity of the transaction.


The full implementation will take about a full year of work for the deployment of the Main Net server, in the following years the development will continue to allow an enterprise grade product: from that continuous development the coin Versum will gain credibility and image.

Pre-ICO and ICO Target: 65.000.000$ 141.000.000 MTV coins

Starting price: 1$

Pre-ICO Starts on 01 | 03 | 2018 until 31 | 03 | 2018

25% Bonus for contributions from 0 $ to 1,000$

30% Bonus for contributions from 1,000 $ a 50,000$

35% Bonus for contributions above 50,000$

ICO Starts on 16 | 04 | 2018 until 10 | 06 | 2018

1st and 2nd week: 20% Bonus

3rd and 4th week: 15% Bonus

5th and 6th week: 10% Bonus

7th and 8th week: 5% Bonus

Multiversum, in case of issues in ICO access which it can’t be held responsible for, or other force majeure delays, reserves the right to extend the ICO phase by 15 days in order to guarantee contributors’ participation.

Soft Cap 5,000,000 $ (if the soft-cap will not be reached during pre-ICO and ICO, the funds will be returned)

Hard Cap 65,000,000 $ (once the hard-cap is reached, the donations will be halted)

Total Supply 141.000.000

MTV Airdrop of the unsold tokens twice a week, to all the wallets that still hold 100% of the MTV tokens purchased at any ICO stage.

The airdrop will start 2 weeks after the end of ICO and will last 18 months. 1% of funds raised will be donated to charitable organizations.

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Multiversum’s Whitepaper:

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