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Multiversum is a fourth generation blockchain system, which conveys this kind of platforms to an unheard of level. Disregarding data sequencing, the platform offers complex data association clearing a path for a more prominent adaptability. Also, in the Multiversum’s ecosystem would be utilized ERC20/ERC23 incorporation which, in a mix with the great characteristics of officially existing ecosystems, will give another, better future for the general population, inspired by cryptocurrencies.

The platform offers innovations and points of interest, which have never been assembled, keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the most ideal blend of security, dependability and association of exchanges. The exchange speed would be altogether speedier; the entire venture would be eco-accommodating and would not hurt our tendency at all. One of the principle innovations is the Proof of Integrity, which will offer security and will guarantee the Multiversum’s clients that their reserve exchanges would not endure any harms.

Discussing security, I couldn’t miss saying the Double Access Lock and Reverse Access Denial, which are there to ensure that your protection and exchanges are extremely very much ensured.

The tokens utilized on the platform are called MTV and the official cost per 1MTV is equivalent to $1, however all together for the organization to be profitable and the early investors to be empowered, there would be rewards, for which you can read in the ICO segment underneath.

The dialect utilized for coding on the Multiversum’s chain is Java content. The platform’s approach is one through Horizontal versatility, which would be accomplished with the assistance of 2 capacities. The first is Chainsplit, which implies that when a chain is required, it would briefly part into more chains and frame a web, keeping in mind the end goal to spread the workload. This would proceed until the point that all the essential procedures are finished. At the point when this is accomplished, the chain would turn out to be entire once more. The second strategy is Data sharding, which fundamentally permits the data’s circulation among multiple hubs.

The task looks extremely yearning and has really great mechanical highlights.


The Roadmap of the Technical piece of the undertaking starts in March, 2018 when the pre-ICO occurred. Directly after this takes after the primary sale in April and in June the advancement of the extended group is on the run. As should be obvious, the organization isn’t squandering its chance and is continually advancing. The following a half year are saved for the database administration system on chain deliberations, drivers, and libraries, and furthermore for the control and refresh system. The initial a half year of 2019 are planned, as well. In the initial three months, the mobile application would be accessible for Android, web utilize, and furthermore iOS. The second three ones-outer Ethereum-like applications System would be enlivened.


The entire task couldn’t be this fruitful without the wonderful group behind it and generally without the authors of the organization. How about we investigate these fantastic individuals. The principle author of Multiversum is Andrea Taini. He filled in as a Software Developer at IBM and afterward as a Software Designer at Ericsson. His next working environment was MICROS Systems and he was a Software Architect and a Senior Java Developer. For a long time he worked at KBC Bank as a Senior IT Architect and after these extraordinary work environments, he committed himself to Multiversum.

The other originator is Michele Roscelli. In 2007 he began as an IT Specialist in WY Group and he was likewise an Advisor of HydroMiner. At display, he is filling in as a Principal Solutions Engineer in BOARD International.

Matteo Monti is the third out of four prime supporters of Multiversum. He is a Digital Marketing Consultant, with a specialization in Social Marketing Planning. Since 2006 he is likewise a Technical Designer and what is more, he knows about the cryptocurrency market since 2008.

Last, however not slightest the fourth fellow benefactor Matteo Peterlini. He has over 24 years of experience as a Graphic Designer and Creative Director. He aced his capacities working for organizations like Quantum, Pausenraum, and even his own particular organization Matteo Paterlini Design.

The Advisory group comprises of three fundamental proficient individuals, pointing ever more elevated, with a specific end goal to enable the organization to settle on the best choices for it. There is additionally a little group of Security Advisors.


The Multiversum’s accomplices are notable huge organizations, which are offering their assistance for the better openings and the splendid eventual fate of the undertaking. Their names are Green Will, European Chamber and Token Desk.


As a matter of first importance, I was intrigued with the way that the Whitepaper is accessible on no under 20 dialects like English, obviously, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Turkish, and so forth. This is one noteworthy advance towards the growing of the enthusiasm for the platform. The Whitepaper comprises of an aggregate of 43 pages, where you can read about the venture, its thought and furthermore about its tentative arrangements on extending the organization.


The site is likewise furnishing its guests with the privilege to browsed 11 dialects in which it would be more advantageous for them to see better the data given. There the general population, inspired by the thought, can discover more data about the colleagues, the Roadmap, and the ICO.


The token sale was isolated into two fundamental periods-the pre-ICO and the principle ICO.

The first began on first March, 2018 and finished on end of that month. Amid this time the Soft Cap, which was 5 000 USD was come to.

The principle sale’s beginning date is first May, 2018 and it will end on tenth June, 2018. The objective (or the Hard Cap), which is required to be come to, is 35 000 USD and there would be rewards in like clockwork.

The aggregate tokens supply is 141 000 MTV and they are appropriated between the colleagues, the investors, the associates, and the counselors.


When I went to check the platform’s social records I was not disappointed by any stretch of the imagination. Its Facebook account has a sum of 17 809 devotees, in Twitter it is trailed by 1 053 individuals. Proceeding onward to Telegram, where I discovered that the Multiversum’s fan base comprises of in excess of 3 970 individuals.

For what reason do I like the Project?

I imagine that this platform is for everybody, who is keen on decentralized blockchain technology. This is the ideal ICO for them, since it tries to manage all the current issues in this field and makes it a simpler and an eco-accommodating way of managing cryptocurrencies. Another positive factor is the way that it is offering its investors more secure and propelled API structures.

Everybody, excited about putting resources into cryptocurrencies is most likely in the perfect place to do as such. Taking everything into account, I really imagine that the platform is reasonable for the requirements of each individual, who needs to join the cryptoworld, as well as to do it in the most ideal way conceivable.

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