Multiversum: the fourth generation blockchain

The  world of cryptocurrencies and the revolutionary idea proposed in the  whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin, seem  to be among the most revolutionary innovations of the last decades.
While  banking institutions, media and big capitalists claim to stay away from  this world because they call it a “financial bubble”, at the same time a  growing amount of experts defines blockchain technology as the revolutionary idea as it was internet 20 Years ago.

Multiversum (“MTV”) is the “4th Generation Relational Block Chain”, but what does it mean?

The first generation is the original, bitkoin and his forks. Based on performance verification.

The  second generation of Ethereum et al. Introduced intellectual contracts  and the possibility of tokenization – consider how much cryptothermia  works on the Ethereum block chain.

The  third generation hoped to rely on previous generations and considered  the problems of scalability and speed and making the extraction more  energy efficient. Various  approaches were considered, including verification of the validity of  the verification of rates, rather than extraction of minerals and the  possibility of routing outside the network.

The fourth generation – and, in particular, MTV – is aimed at improving  all previous generations, as well as adapting blockchain technology to  the business environment. The  MTV team understands that for a massive adoption of the technology,  blockchain should be applied to real scenarios: this is their main goal.

MVT  will use horizontal scalability: increasing the number of processes,  not the same number of processes, and shutting down faster. This  is the same principle as the quad-core processor on your computer –  four processors with a frequency of 1.6 GHz instead of one processor  running at 6.4 GHz. Four processors are more efficient.

Another  attribute that distinguishes MTV as a fourth-generation block chain is  that it will allow you to interact with other infrastructures, such as  Ethereum. This innovation will allow using a token on the Ethereum platform on the MTV platform, which will facilitate mass acceptance.

Relational databases mean several existing data types and work within the same chain of blocks.
In  previous iterations of blockchain technology, this would lead to  overload (consider the massive overload in the Bitcoin network and, as a  consequence, the high transaction cost). However,  with MTV, each data type will be divided into a block chain until the  transaction is completed before the reconnection is completed for  verification. This  will allow parallel parallel transactions, which means that much more information can be sent in a much shorter period of time.

What are the advantages of Multiversum?

  • Transaction speed: only 0.2 seconds are needed
  • Capacity: 64-core server can handle 64,000 transactions per second
  • POI: proof of integrity will replace proof of stake for social security in transactions
  • Rollback: the rollback system will be available for apps.
  • Recovery  nodes: to create a perfect system Multiversum developers have created  many peripheral nodes for backup as Global Disaster Recovery
  • New generation wallet: through biometric access to the portfolio.
    Splittable chains: the workflow is distributed on the available nodes to divide the main chain into sub-chain.
  • Relational blockchain: a new type of blockchain that presents different types of data, related to a multidimensional structure.
  • Eco-friendly: practices that will lead to a healthier life for the planet and its inhabitants, large and small.

Details of the ICO

  • Token name: Multiversum
  • Symbol: MTV
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Softcap: 5 million dollars
  • Harcap: 35 million dollars
  • Token cost: $ 1
  • Number of tokens: 141,000,000 MTV
  • Period: 1 May to 10 June 2018


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