notice of the fact that everyone agrees.

First-generation blockchain is based on coins with work proof,
Blockchain is a digital block chain and inside every bl0k is a fact.  So what a blockchain can do is to tell you the facts everyone agrees.  With blockchain, everyone can reach consensus and agree on a number of facts.  That’s what allows the currency to work on blockchain.

The first generation blockchain is based on coins with work proof such as bitcoin, litecoin and so on.  Second-generation blockchain is based on coins with tokens like Ethereum.  Crypto-currency from third generation blockchain is Proof of Stake, off chain route, graph chain or centralized.

Currently there is a new era with Blockchain Multiversum: 4th generation, relational blockchain. Modern blockchain can not connect complex data and send it directly to the network. They also do not offer back-end control over the integrity and security of the system: therefore the current situation is not conducive to market expansion in institutional, financial, industrial and government environments. Some cryptocurrencies are currently used in the market, but the complexity of their applications makes them virtually unusable. The Multiversum project is an ambitious and exciting project that faces the world of emergency crypto with teams made in Italy. The goal of the Multiversum team is to build a synonym between IT security and the cryptocurrency universe.

Why is blockchain Multiversum from 4th generation?  Transaction speed

: only 0.2 seconds to transfer MTV between 2 wallets including time to create security.

Transaction Throughput  : 64 core servers can process 64,000 Tps transactions per second.
POI: Multiversum will work with POI (Integrity Proof) for transaction security to replace POS (proof of Stake).

Rollback  :  Rollback system available for application.

Recovery Nodes  : To create a perfect Multiversum system developer, many peripheral nodes have been created for backup as Global Disaster Recovery.

The next generation is  : through biometric access to the wallet.

Insertable Chain  : The workflow is divided into available nodes to divide the main chain into subclasses.

Relational blockchain : a new block type with various data types, related to multidimensional structures.

Eco-friendly  : practices that will lead to a healthier life for the planet and its inhabitants, large and small.  Token: MTV Target $ 65 million ADDITIONAL TOTAL 141,000,000 MTV Token: ERC20 Symbol: MTV Starting Price: 1 $ Pre-ICO (Start 01 | 03 | 2018 to 31 | 03 | 2018) 25% bonus for contribution from 0 $ to $ 1,000 30% bonus for contribution from $ 1,000 to $ 50,000 Bonus 35% for contribution above 50.000 $ ICO (Started 16 | 04 | 2018 to 10 | 06 | 2018) 1 and 2 WEEK 20% BONUS

WEEK 3 and 4 WEEK 15%
5 & ​​6 WEEK 10% BONUS
7 & 8 WEEK 5% BONUS

Multiverse, if there is any problem in access to ICO who can not be held liable or other delay due to force majeure, is entitled to extend ICO 15 to ensure participation of contributors.  SOFT CAP: 5,000,000 $  HARD CAP: $ 65 million  (after hard cover is reached, donation will be stopped)  How to buy MTV token?  Sign up first and create your account at  Add your personal data and get a confirmation email to verify your email address.  Sign in here with your email address and password: After login you will be redirected to this page “Get eMTV token”

You can choose the contribution mode you want between: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic or Dash.

Enter your contribution in USD: the system calculates your ICO bonus and you will see eMTV receive and estimate the cost with the crypto you want.

Rates are updated every 5 minutes.  The final rate may vary slightly because it is the spot rate at the time of the order, determined by the payment provider.

Click the button: Get your eMTV token and confirmation.

You will be directed to a coin payment that becomes escrow for the transaction. Escrow currency payment Send payment now. You can also use QR code.

Once your payment has been processed, you’ll see it on the “your eMTV contribution” page and your token will be sent to your Multiversum account.

Do not forget to add a compatible ERC20 wallet to receive eMTV distribution
at the end of ICO.

Complete the KYC information form before the end of ICO – Contributions from users who do not comply with this request will be considered invalid and will be refunded.

You can get more tokens with the Multiversum reference system: refer friends to give 5% of your friends’ contributions (excluding bonuses) in the eMTV token.
If you wish, you can use my reference link:  More info about Multiversum (MTV)

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