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The buzz about cryptocurrency is growing, folks have Heard of any of it, and an increasing number of people wish to find about any of it, and discover a method to be a part of it. When block-chain technology came, so lots of things changed, to get better, we say. Therefore many companies have improved, therefore a number of organizations have started using cryptocurrencies within their work. The new thoughts are coming every day. People today want to speculate in the new endeavors. We have the biggest tool in the Earth, and it is called the Internet. The net is an enormous base of information where we could execute anything. The Internet has connected the whole planet. Any of these projects is Soundeon, an indie music cube and also multimedia platform built around the Soundeon eco system – a protocol to get social websites. Soundeon Company is a consortium of cube experts, artists, computer software developers, intellectual real estate professionals and media leaders that make business in the networking industry.

We aspire to change the audio industry by making it more accessible to artists and music fans worldwide.

Soundeon — a music ecosystem in which everyone can perform success, either independently or by being a stakeholder in their artist’s victory story.

Soundeon’s technological options (layers) are created to help you through the complete creative process
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Based on the leading market of this audio industry,”Will Page”, The entire world’s music copyright will receive earnings of $24.4 billion by 2015, that is $10 billion more than the usually quoted IFPI amounts, which largely exclude income out of book and songs. Additionally, direct tickets at 2017 accounted to $32.0 billion in chief earnings and $ 9.8 billion in resale. Both segments of tickets grew with a 5-year CAGR of 14 and 19 percent with respect. In general, recordings of music and tickets represent market chances of 66.2 billion dollars. The USA.

Soundeon helps artists recover control of the work, monetize their talents. Since the music industry is trying hard to solve problems associated with digital rights management to music and in real-time, Soundeon can be a more step-by-step approach to use.

Block technologies, such as independent contracts and Advanced calculating technologies, allow Soundeon to produce a functional, stable, secure and flexible ecosystem for solving practical problems in digital tickets and media. This stage covers all parts of the audio market. From inventions and copyrights to re-sale existing and future contracts for music resources, concert organizations and ticket deals.

Soundeon uses a multidisciplinary strategy to remove wasteful And old marketplace techniques which adversely affect fans and musicians.


View Exemplary talents and allow creators to gain more management for Their work. The execution of this Soundeon assignment was permitted in relation to the development of a brand new copyright management solution based on contracts that are smart, which ensure fairness, transparency and invariance of most operations performed and provides an opportunity for closer communication between artists and fans.

Assessing the entire adventure of the music sector into a whole Cycle option that provides transparency and innovates into the music industry. Production of an ecosystem by which success is based upon the efforts and talent of this creator, at which every celebrity may fully concentrate on creativity.

Solutions and issues

The audio industry is hard to navigate, which makes it inaccessible To most musicians. They should find fame from music producers, directors, record labels, and concert promoters who merely partially answer the needs of their artist.

The old ways of dropping their taste in a shifting world, as well as the audio Industry, demand new solutions also. The kind that can guarantee equal chance for all.

Soundeon – a decentralized and downhill integrated music stage That covers all facets of the audio market. From creations and copyrights works to market contracts of both existing and future music assets, to both concert organizations and ticket sales.

Progress in Block Chain computing empowers us to build up Creative Smart Contracts (CSC) ™, an independent media self-execution rights agreement that’s the backbone of each platform. Data

breadth, conservation, and agility from the effortless use of CSC ™ essentially enrich equity, trust, and transparency, which the media industry does not have.



This really can be a Block Chain based ticketing solution That’s optimized for The lovers and is inserted on the Soundeon environment. Necessary measures such as lively QR Creative and codes Smart Contracts are taken to avoid ticket fraud and loopholes. Soundeon Tix was intended to enable organizers to require complete control of ticket resells on the primary and secondary sector.


This is all about the information. It Has royalty data aggregation type Soundeon and other third-party providers. There’s also an integrated data analytics which displays all aspect of creative input by the artist, including as royalty group, copyright, ticket sales.

Therefore, fans will be able to track and analyze the royalty Accumulation of the audio portfolio. This true information will be able for them to get informed decisions when purchasing other musical assets.


This can be a music player that is determined by Block Chain technology to get a Transparent royalty distribution. Artists that are employing the Soundeon Monitor will have the choice of distributing their job via this music player.

The participant is expected to accumulate data, which can be input onto a Validated de-centralized registry, to the number of times a track is played. Consequently, Soundeon associates are predicted to receive a fair royalty supply and highly accurate listener analytics.


This really can be a tokenization tool and a decentralized exchange of Intellectual property. This is where users are supposed to sell or purchase their own royalty income. So, song writers, tight and artists owners which use the Soundeon Monitor to register their own creations are going to be able to sell part or potential earnings of these work.

This makes it feasible for independent musicians to contend with the Big tags. Also, it gives music fans the ability to generate a diversified personal music portfolio.


This is a utility token which was designed to align economic Incentives among consumers of this platform. Soundeon token is expected to be applied as an incentive and reward for both early adopters who contribute value to the platform through system effects.

Some uses of Soundeon token include;

• like a utiliity Pre-payment mechanism for services left on Soundeon

• Ensures a frictionless nature of tokenization

• It makes Micro Payment potential with reduced transaction Price

• Provides significance to the listener

• Functions as liquidity facilitation mechanism for your artist

Please be aware the other kind of payment will be accepted on the Soundeon atmosphere. This includes all significant cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

Token Specification

The gentle cap for the market is 3 million, while the challenging cap us $7 million. This suggests that, if this minimum cap is not reached, the funds will be returned to the contributors. Also, in the event the advertising period of this project is not reached, the roadmap is predicted to correct. Based on the white paper, this will be always to ensure platform endurance and tokenomic sustainability.

Any unsold token will likely be locked for a year. This step will be Taken to ensure the commitment of the Soundeon team to the longevity of the media environment. After this lockdown span, the market will be used for your own Soundeon global advertising and marketing campaign.

Token Distribution

65% of those tokens is likely to be utilized for product development.

14 percent of the royalties will probably be supplied to the founders of this undertaking.

4 percent of these tokens will be given to early fans.

6% of those royalties will probably be awarded to councillors.

3% will be planned for the swimming .

2% book Fund.

6% of those royalties will probably be allocated to charitable programs.

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