Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Altcoin seems good to be a worldwide exchange tool. Yes, forget about certain real currencies that are only available in certain countries. Along with the development of Internet technology, every transaction can be done globally by using it. Interestingly, not only is it more flexible to shop or buy something, it seems you should use Cryptocurrency in a smarter way. One of them is using it as an object of trade and investment. So, how is it?

Of course, first of all, you have to join the Cryptocurrency site platform that allows you to do funding activities like trade and investment. This is very difficult, especially crimes like fraud which are quite common today. In the meantime, there are many sites out there that offer such facilities without you possibly knowing whether it is legitimate or not. for this, it is recommended that you use “MUST”. This is a type of Cryptocurrency platform with simple requirements, easy access, and lots of great features. This is even more interesting because consultations and discussions are available here to support you become more successful later.

The Universal Universal Transaction Standard (MUST) is the world’s first stock exchange, which gives investors access to real-time asset, cash flow and risk monitoring.

Ecosystems MUST offer solutions – Evidence Asset Algorithms, which means in Instant & Sustainable Auditing of assets on a regular basis. Investors have access to an entirely authentic asset description of all of its properties, including current liquidity and market value and the quality of cash flows both when making a decision to invest, and at any time during the ownership period of claim rights.

The hallmark of the MUST solution is the fact that most of the work on the risk assessment and liquidity of smart assets, both at the stage of its formation and over the next time, is done by technology, not people.

Asset liquidity assessment systems and economic performance monitoring systems will ensure maximum transparency of the financing process for investors. Based on ratings and indexes, analytic and signal reports will be built using machine learning technology that will ensure maximum investment efficiency and reliability along with minimal transaction costs. The MUST ecosystem is a set of standards, rules and values ​​that underlie any solution, product or service developed and implemented in an ecosystem.

Based on MUST standards, the team created a decentralized financing system for small and medium-sized businesses around the world, based on the tokenisasi end products and assets of the market being financed. The MUST system allows small and medium sized companies to receive financing for acquisition of the assets needed to produce the final product of the market.

Project target market volume MUST be 520 billion USD. According to low estimates, the project team plans the next 5 years to take 7.5% of the market and show a turnover of 40 billion USD.

This will be achieved through:

  1. A unique model of digital bond MUST Digital Bond and it’s circulation system in the MUST Exchange exchanges.
  2. Which is very profitable to enter the market, institutional institutions with financial constraints in financing IHR (AML, Basel II, Basel III).
  3. Development and decisions of authors in the field of digitalization and engineering and automotive equipment.
  4. System ensures return on investment, built on the mechanism of tokenisasi kilometers and hours and asset monitoring.

MUST Ecosystems

Based on MUST standards, our team created a decentralized financing system for small and medium enterprises worldwide, based on the tokenisasi end products and assets of the market financed.

The MUST system allows small and medium sized companies to receive financing for acquisition of the assets needed to produce the final product of the market. An entity may acquire assets, judgments to be made in the final product unit of the market, and financing will also be provided in the final product unit.

This approach allows the company to realize the final product, which will be produced in the future, and to acquire the assets produced for the production of this product.

MUST System Elements

In this system there are many different roles, b with the main business role are:

  1. End Client – End customers, SME entrepreneurs interested in getting access to financing. Owner of tokenized assets (Smart Asset).
  2. MUST Agent / Originator – Group services company MUST, acting as an operating agent in the tokenisasi transaction / asset securitization.
  3. Investor Fiat Capital – Private investor, bank or investment company interested in investing in Smart Asset or Securities with certain profitability. This type of investor includes, among other things, the consumers of the final product.
  4. Investor Crypto Capital – Private investor, bank or investment company interested in investing Crypto Capital in Smart Assets with certain profitability.
  5. Smart Asset – Assets that are token, verified by the guarantor and connected to the monitoring system.
  6. Proof of Asset Algorithm – The unique algorithm of tokenization and asset securitization. Includes: Smart Asset Tokenizer and Smart Asset Escrow.
  7. HARUS SPV – A specialized company, issuer of securities issued on the basis of tokenized Smart Assets.
  8. MUST Wallet – Service for fiat exchange and crypto currency for tokens MUST, MST, and KYC user identification in the system.
  9. Crypto-Fiat Custodian – Service that includes a number of solutions aimed at managing the “cold storage” of crypto assets of its originators, running classical storage functions. Provide an opportunity to take crypto assets for accounting.
  10. MUST Exchange – Crypto-active exchange, the main purpose is the organization of transactions for the sale of token assets. The familiar exchange interface will quickly and easily begin using new financial instruments.
  11. General Exchange – Classic exchange, which will trade securities issued on the basis of Smart Assets.

Token Holder

The token holder must have access to all ecosystem services and offers from a value-based economy. Token MUST grant the holder the right to discount when paying commissions on MUST Exchange according to the following schedule:

Period Parcent
HB – 2019 Q4 50%
2020 Q1-2020 Q4 75%
2021 Q1-2021 Q4 80%
2022 Q1-2022 Q4 90%

All tokens received by the MUST system as commission payments will be burned. After listing on the exchange, tokens MUST also be exchanged for crypto-active or other fiat currencies.

Number of tokens issued 500 000 000 Additional emissions not provided. And tokens MUST be issued according to the ERC223 standard on the Ethereum network.

Token Sale

Type Date Bonus
Private PreSale 25.02 – 30.06.2018 Bonus +20%
Public PreSale 01.07 – 31.07.2018 Bonus +10%
Public Token Sale 01.08 – 30.08.2018 Bonus 0%

Token Cost

  • 1 MUST = 0,10 USD
  • Soft Cap = 6 700 000 USD
  • Hard Cap = 35 000 000 USD
  • Token Sale – 350 000 000
  • Team – 50 000 000 (hold to Q3 2019)
  • Marketing & Advisors- 25 000 000
  • MUST Foundation – 75 000 000 (hold to Q3 2020)

Distribution of Investments

  • R&D – 15%
  • Legal – 20%
  • Marketing – 60%
  • Operational costs – 5%

For more information about the project and the opportunities to participate, go to the links below:


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