The music industries have continued to grow in strength, the digital system of the musical has gone in a broad way to transform the system music, some century ago the system of music was not as much as famous as this, and then this has helped them to also promote both the distributor and also the music industries.

In music industries, the uses of music streaming have now been the major way in which people are now making use of, in the introduction of buying of record was popularly and generally make use of, and as the scientist technology discovery occur in our different community ecosystem in every day, this has not stopped in changing all the sectors and all that makes up the society.

The music recording system later change to the downloading processes, and this process makes access to music faster and highly accessible than before, the downloading system become famous to the extent that selling of record become useless, and many individuals that were even taking the record distribution as works needs to close down and find some other job entirely, for the downloading system almost totally take away the recording processes from the society ecosystem.

What certain in life changes and this change always occur through the generation of new things, and this can also be based in a high level of development.

The music industries totally changed and become highly promoted and experienced the high level of flow of money till this present than ever after abandoning the downloading ways of listening to the music by the community ecosystem and by running after Streaming the new innovative and revolutionary form of accessing music.

The streaming system of listening to music remains one of the best form ever introduced in the music industries, apart from giving much return yo the music industries, it also remain a source of great entertainment and fast opportunity for the individual people in different communities.

Making use of streaming remain the fastest way to access any fo of songs and not only that it also helps in saving individual device space, but the only challenges facing by the system is that it does not generate fund for the musician, and this has lead to the introduction of a solution provider, which generally know as MUZIKA.


The aims of planting the MUZIKA platforms is majorly to create an opportunity for all the artist to gain and get their loss on the uses of the different platform and the introduction of a stream system.

The MUZIKA is funded in the blockchain technology, creating transparency, gain making for all the artist and also serve as an empowering mechanism for all the musician.


The MUZIKA platform has been created with different tools in making sure that the artist receives the high percentage of their works, this will be done by the MUZIKA in removing and putting some things in place.

The MUZIKA firstly make a necessity that the gab of the individual music promoter activities stops, and the MUZIKA will be doing this role, uploading and streaming, and this will help the musician to get the high percentage of income they should have.


The MUZIKA will also serve as a society for both the artist and also the developing assets.

The use of MUZIKA will stand as a great chance for all the artist to meet up with all the loss they have to engage in music industries, and the MUZIKA will also be saving the music industry against piracy and a tool of decentralizing music industries.

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