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MXC Exchange, Chinese name “Matcha”, as a digital currency trading platform, trying to integrate the world’s top industry resources, to create a digital asset full circulation platform, with industry experience To support, the project parties and investors provide one-stop services such as token issuance, transaction, and deposit, so that digital assets can be efficiently and safely circulated within the platform, and the basis of FCoin’s token economy is absorbed and Coineal Upgrade and optimization, and then realistically optimize and improve, forming a unique token economic system.

How about mxc matcha exchange

Mxc Matcha Exchange official website:
In the business model, “Matcha” also dares to innovate, and based on the miners’ thinking, refining and optimizing the FT economic model, and playing the mining logic to the extreme. In addition to trading mining, it also launched mining machine mining, and mining machine account return The mode of commission, known as the user is absolutely close to the real “mining” experience and high return returns:

MXC divides the miner account into four levels:
1. First-grade mining machine account: limited to 66, the first 10,000 transaction fee for each first-level mining machine account returns 130% equivalent MX, the first 10,000 transactions for each of the top 500 users invited by the account Mining is returned to the first-class mining machine account 10% equivalent MX.

2. Second-level mining machine account: Register through the invitation link of each first-level mining machine account and prioritize the completion of KYC’s 500 accounts as the secondary mining machine account. The first 10,000 transaction fee for each secondary mining machine account itself is returned to 120% equivalent MX, and the first 50,000 transactions per person in the top 500 of the account are invited to mine 10% equivalent MX.

3, three-level mining machine account: through the invitation link of each secondary mining machine account registration and priority to complete the KYC 500 accounts for the third-level mining machine account. The first 10,000 transaction fee for each third-level mining machine account itself is returned to 110% equivalent MX.

4, ordinary mining machine account: the number is not limited! The successful registration of the account is the ordinary mining machine account, the mining machine account mining fee 100% return to the equivalent value of MX.

In other words, MXC different types of accounts are equal to different miners, and the higher the level, the higher the power of the mining machine, the more coins are dig, the higher the profit rate, then the yield of different accounts. The difference can be imagined. Compared with many ordinary exchanges where 100% transaction fee is returned, the mining machine account game is indeed new, and there is a blessing of mining machine play. In theory, the return rate will be higher than most mining exchanges.

And can also return to the commission, the rate of return: miners of the first-class mining machine account, through the invitation of the second miners, get 500 secondary miners account 10% and income dividends, plus 500 below each secondary miner The 10% of the third-grade mining machine pays dividends, and so on. Isn’t this a secondary distribution? A familiar fund dish tastes like a face-to-face.

About team members:
How about mxc matcha exchange

MXC’s technical team members come from Baidu, Alipay, Huawei and other well-known domestic IT companies. Since 2016, the blockchain technology development has been carried out. The core members of the team are the founding partners of the well-known mining pool GPUPool, which has developed domestically. The first SC mine pool, which ranks 7th in the global ETH mine pool, is also the development team of the mining software “Chengdu Miner”. The MXC team has rich experience in mining development, which was also the guarantee of the underlying trading system of the MXC trading platform. However, with the bears in the market, the mining trade heats away, the market funds are withdrawn, and the investor’s confidence has been plunged continuously. The miners leave the market and the platform operation is more difficult. The project side has been greatly tested.

MXC platform currency MX trading mining
MXC platform currency MX was officially launched on July 13th. It also opened MX/BTC, MX/ETH, MX/USDT trading pairs on the same line. On July 16th, the mining incentive mechanism was launched, namely, trading mining MX, handling fee return, Dividends, MXC transactions are divided into four major sectors: USDT, BTC, ETH, and Innovation Zone. The number of online currencies is relatively large and comprehensive. In addition to mainstream currencies such as BTC, ETH, and LTC, they are also launched online such as EOS, ZIL/, and SNT. The new currency with higher AE and IOST heat, the innovation zone will be launched on October 29th, the new opening project FTM, which shows that it is more active in the online currency.

MX private placement cost is: 1ETH=60000MX. When the MX opened on July 13th, the highest unit price was nearly 0.33 yuan in the case of small trading volume, and then stabilized at around 0.1 yuan, and rose to the highest 0.3 yuan on August 2nd. With the bear market, all the way down, it has stabilized at around RMB 0.017, and the market value has fallen by nearly 95%, a drop of 18 times.

How about mxc matcha exchange

Objectively speaking, this price change is still related to the continued decline of the market and the big market in the bear market. Although the MX price is huge, it is not a case or because the company itself is too big, and the similar projects have fallen by 90%+ For example, Fcoin (person Chen “Ai Fukang”), the once-hot first exchange of the universe, was taken as an example. On October 31, FT was quoted at 0.31 yuan, down nearly 98% from the previous highest point of 8.04 yuan. terror.

In terms of volume, as of now (October 31), the 24-hour BTC volume of the fire currency pro is 11,600, while the BTC 24-hour volume data of the MXC platform is 3,281. If the data is true, it is a small platform with low visibility. In fact, the volume is not too bad. The MXC community is also well maintained, the official group is active, the customer service is positive, and new people are constantly being pulled. On October 29th, MXC actively launched a new project, Fantomd Token FTM, which was more active in the new currency. In the case of many self-proclaimed blockchain changers’ trading mining projects, they fell into a quiet situation, now MXC The trading platform is still actively operating.

“The world is bustling, all for the benefit of the world, the world is awkward, all for the benefit.” Now, MX prices are low, which will inevitably lead to the digging of miners trading pits, when the transaction digging dividends is no longer attractive, profit-seeking people Will gradually leave. Many exchanges have closed down. The biggest problem left for MXC today is whether MXC should think about transformation or how to transform as the trading digs gradually disappear. If MX price is not significant or effective in the short-term, MX price will still be The shock even continued to decline slightly, but since the price of the currency has been relatively stable since August 18, the MXC trading volume is not too low, and the effective liquidity has also given good support to the MX currency price, and the overall market overall fluctuation is not large. , so this risk is lower.

In conclusion, the MXC exchange has a wait-and-see attitude, because the trading pit model now faces more uncertain risks. For investors who have not bought MX, it is not recommended to buy, for investors who have purchased MX, due to The current currency price has fallen too much. It is a pity that it is sold now. The risk of taking the time is large, and it is the long-term holding. It is the best strategy to continue to wait and see. From 2013 to the present, there are dozens or even hundreds of new exchanges every year, and 90% of the exchanges are gradually disappearing. The trading mining model opened by Fcoin is from everyone to the crowd, from dozens of dozens. The plunging plunges to dozens of times and plunged. It took only a few months to vividly interpret the “one-year period of the coin”.

According to incomplete statistics, after Fcoin, more than 80 exchanges tried to trade pits, and the transaction data accounted for one-third of the total data of the global exchange. As the problem gradually exposed, more and more exchanges I began to re-examine this model and think about transformation. On August 14, Fcoin issued an announcement to stop the FT’s issuance, and said that this means the end of the trading pit pattern. We will wait and see how MXC will develop in the future.

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