Globalization on our planet leads to the globalization of relations among all its inhabitants. At present, demand for digital money is very high. Digital internet currency »is still safe, based on the internet, an accessible currency, helps everyone without a bank account in gaining access to funds and also allows fast and cheap fund transfers without any geographical restrictions.

The popularity of smart phones in developed countries and the pace of expansion in developing countries allows companies like MyCryptoBank to offer complete banking platform services. We can use it only by having a smartphone and debit card. The popularity of digital banking in the world does not slow down.Comfort, speed and security – not just additional benefits for users, they are a standard requirement in the modern “client-bank” relationship system.

One direction that determines the future of the bank’s business, is the banking based on blockchain technology. This technology is much faster, more efficient and has fewer errors, than traditional automatic clearing house (ACH). Blockchain can save time and money for banks and make practical payments for users. However, the decentralized nature of blockchain can significantly prevent fraud and criminal actions. Smart Contract is one of the most interesting elements of blockchain banking. Smart This contract allows users to change money, shares and other assets in a safe and non-conflict manner. Like traditional contracts, smart contracts define agreement rules and penalties for their performance. However,


MyCryptoBank is an online bank that allows every client registered in the electronic bank system to make various bank operations, additional operations with cryptocurency (payment processing, debit cards, credit and cheap investment products, use of crypto assets as credit security and others) based on technology Blockchain without visiting the department. So, MyCryptoBank provides remote client access services to bank accounts, products and services to conduct banking operations.MyCryptoBank – offers its clients a versatile banking service platform, representing hybrid systems that combine digital and traditional currencies. The use of digital currencies makes operations faster and cheaper, while traditional currencies guarantee practical acceptance and validity.

MyCryptoBank will be a fully digital bank, accessible throughout the world at any time. This will function like a bank usually but without a bank and front office department that maximally relies on new digital technology. This will allow MyCryptoBank to become one of the cheapest banks in the world with a very profitable cost-profit ratio.

MyCryptoBank will be the first bank for the crypto community, allowing clients to receive and send funds in crypto currency and fiat money and also exchange between cryptocurrency and fiat money in the bank. With MyCryptoBank will be allowed to make deposits, receive loans and credit. The Bank will create an infrastructure that will allow the regulation of property rights and sellers for payment of goods for companies and online services.Clients will be able to accept bank cards and with that assistance they will collect funds available through any ATM in the world and also make payments at stores, restaurants etc. For client convenience, the bank plans to install crypto ATMs and ATMs, assisting in cryptocurrency purchase operations and cash receipts at a minimum cost.

MyCryptoBank will represent a commercial bank with all its services, and remain loyal to cryptocurrency and the crypto community. In other words, MyCryptoBank – is an online bank that allows every client to perform various bank operations, plus cryptocurrency operations such as: payment operations, debit cards, credit and cheap investment products.And it is also possible to use crypto assets as credit security.All of these services will be available to clients without visiting the bank office.

Token Recognition (MCB)

The MyCryptoBank project was developed on blockchain technology, taking into account the criteria below, in addition to processing speed. MCB tokens are smart contracts, which are used in various bank applications. Each application is decentralized, consisting of 2 basic parts – smart contracts and user interfaces (UI), simplifying the communication procedures between users and contracts. The client base of several banks contains millions of users, which requires a fast and decent scale.If the client is asked to pay additional fees for the blockchain network, he will re-arrange the bank’s development and client database growth.Thus, the Blokchain platform with almost zero transaction costs must be chosen for implementation.

Bank products and software must keep up with the times and continue to grow, which requires proper updates of software code and security patches without hard forks. Many bank applications make large calculations, so parallel computing is needed to speed up applications.

Minimum transaction time to get confirmation in sufficient and permanent amounts. The ability to operate with different blockchain assets – an important feature, is required for configuration in banking solutions, supporting multicurrency services.

MCB tokens are issued on the EOS platform, becoming the only platform at the moment, meeting all the criteria listed. EOS is based on the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm and modification of Byzantine error resistance. The current consensus algorithm ensures low transaction costs, high application execution speeds and has proven reliable on networks such as Bitshares and Steem. In addition, EOS supports the possibility of communication between networks (between Blockchain Communications ), facilitating the development of multicurrency banking applications.


Per 27/07/2018

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MCB has started to sell. And now in the Pre-ICO stage. You need to know Sales of MCB tokens have reached Softcap in just a few weeks. So there is no doubt that this project has so many enthusiasts, because in my opinion this project has the potential to have good prospects for the future.

Below I will submit details about the stages of Token Sales:



The amount of funds that will be raised

Price of Base Token


maximum token

Pre-sale closed

and private partners

June 15 – July 15

$ 3 million


MCB 30 million


July 16 –

August 16

$ 97 million

1 st week $ 0.2 
2 weeks Sunday $ 0.22 
3 rd week $ 0.24 
4 th week $ 0.26

MCB 487 million


September 10 to 
October 14

1 st week $ 0.28 
2 nd week $ 0.33 
3 rd week $ 0.38 
4 th week $ 0.43 
5 th week $ 0.48


Token distribution

Distribution of ICO funds


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