There is nogainsaying that application in the data management businesses which is another real sector of human life. There was an expansion in the dimension of debasement and inconsistencies in larger part of the sectors before the presentation of blockchain technology. Be that as it may, today we have seen the effect this technology have in our everyday exercises. This technology has expanded the dimension of trust and transparency, improved security, decentralization and numerous different advantages. We will talk about its application in DATA sector today and its significance in the sector.

One of the issues of data organization has been trust and transparency which has been the serious issue influencing the data businesses in certain years past. The utilization of incorporated platform to store and keep clients data has been has been a troublesome one as of late because of absence of trust and transparency in the platform. The accomplishment of each task and organizations in this time is basically decided the dimension of trust existing in the platform.

DAYTA Is a blockchain based platform that will assist clients with managing, store and moreover share access to client’s close to home data and data all together for the clients to get more benefits. It is watched most data organization dependably share client’s data and gain cash from it even without the assent of the genuine proprietor of the data. The most agonizing part is that after the organization have sold their clients data to some different organizations, they neglected to pay the genuine proprietor of the data for in which clients and customers frequently time get irate with this.

The Dayta app looks to simplify things for you so that you don’t have to worry. Find out who has your data and manage that access as you want.

In the event that clients and customers have dealt with their data it would be so natural for them to follow their record subtleties and know at whatever point their data is been gotten to and sold in the incorporated platform. This is the motivation behind why the brought together platforms are battling with the issue of trust and transparency. They realized that the minute they gave full access to the customers and proprietors of the data in their concentrated platform that is the finish of their recreations and that is the reason they disavowed access to client’s data. Every one of these troubles experienced by clients have been recognized by DAYTA platform and that is the reason they have propelled a decentralized blockchain based platform which gives clients full access and authority over their data, The upsides of DAYTA platform is that clients can choose whenever they need whether to sell their data or not. Client’s data is one of the extraordinary fortunes of human life and customers wouldn’t relax with whichever organizations that sold their data without their assent.

Most time at whatever point I caught wind of an assault in any data organizations what gets through my psyche is just the data of the customers and clients that more likely than not been stolen. Some data and data are intended to be mystery and once they are been stolen as aftereffect of hacks that is the finish of its mystery. That is the reason DAYTA has accompanied a most verified undertaking using the most recent blockchain technology to verify clients data from all type of hacks and assaults.

The goal of DAYTA platform is to help customers exchanging their own with the expectation of making a larger number of benefits than different platforms. It means to take care of the considerable number of issues related with security and protection through the reception of the blockchain technology.


Token Name => DAYTA

Token Type => ERC20

Token Supply for sale => 1,500,000,000 DAYTA

Pre-ICO Sales Date => May 01st 2019

ICO public Sale => May 11th 2019

Payment Method => ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH


30% Allocated to Pre-ICO

30% Allocated to ICO

20% Allocated to Core Team and Advisors

10% Allocated to Partnerships

5% Allocated to Bounty


50% Allocated to Engineering

15% Allocated to Operations

15% Allocated to Marketing

10% Allocated to Business

5% Allocated to Legal

5% Allocated to Security



Base on my findings on this project, I recommend it for those looking for a project to invest, I have carefully researched about the team and find out that they are with good track records with bundles of experiences in data management and Blockchain.


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