My User Experience And Suggestion to Greatly Improve Functionality of the Atomic Wallet PC’s versio

Atomic wallet have been making positive waves recently in the crypto space with its multipurpose advanced cryptocurrency wallet with excellent user interface which is far better than most conventional cryptocurrency wallets we all are used to.

You can download the wallet from here.

Atomic wallet offers its users various features such as; Selection of blockchain explorer to use, Storage of private keys in a securely encrypted environment, Receiving of crypto assets to the generated wallet, Importation of assets to the wallet using private keys of various formats, Sending of assets to other addresses and Selection of cryptocurrency node to use.

However, there are still some missing features in the wallet which I feel if included, which increase the general functionality and user experience of the users of the wallet.

I noticed that my overall wallet worth is represented only in USD and cannot be changed to other currencies. This makes me suggest the availability of total wallet worth in other multiple currencies such as Euros, Yen, Pound sterling, CAD, AUD, and CHF among others. As we are all aware that the users of the wallets are all over the world and not everybody is comfortable with having their wallet total worth being displayed in USD, they’ll have to convert their worth in USD to their local currencies. I strongly believe that if this feature is added, it will increase the simplicity and overall user experience of the wallet. I have done an illustration of it in this picture shown below;


Secondly, when I tried sending out some of my tokens from the wallet to another wallet, I noticed that the network fee provided for me is un-adjustable and I believe some crypto users are not comfortable with sending their crypto assets using the provided standard network fees as some will like their transactions to be extremely fast while some people feel that the standard transaction fee is too much or non affordable for them, to this effect, I would suggest that atomic wallet developers should include an option for users to variably adjust their network fees as they deem it fit to be while there will also be an option to select the standard network fee.


Another issue I noticed is that whenever I send out tokens, apart from the immediate notification I get on the screen, there’s no other form of notification being programmed in the wallet such as alarms or notification tones to notify users of their successful transactions. I would like to suggest this feature to be added to the wallet as well, and in addition to that, users of the PC version should have a pop-up kind of notification in their toolbar to alert them of any complete or failed transaction.


Atomic wallet is being updated on regular basis by its developers and I believe that if these features are being included in the next update of this wallet, it will not only improve the functionality but also increase the general user experience of the wallet.

For more enquiries about the wallet, kindly check the following links;
Support page
Support Email


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