MYCRO: Solution to the Time and Money Dilemma

What is Mycro? 
Mycro can be interpreted as completing work easily. 
Do you want to have a clean apartment but can’t find the time to do it yourself? 
Offer job vacancies directly in our beautifully designed Mycro application and make sure you are connected quickly with community members who can help you!
Do you want to make money quickly and easily? 
Explore the Mycro application and find the job that works best for you. Register now and complete the work you want.
Mycro releases the power of local communities by implementing the Mycro protocol to connect people. Through this game change platform, it will open the door to becoming the number one market in the world to match real-time jobs.
The service that you will get when you open this application is
  • Home Services
  • Delivery service
  • Virtual Services
  • Skilled service
Why is the Blockchain?
  • Fast and Simple Use
  • Trust
  • Security
  • Low cost

1. What is mycro?

  • Mycro is a project for new jobs. They have a lot of work on your website and people who visit this website will find their own work.
  • Do you want to find a good job for you and make money with work?
  • Mycro will help you.

2. How to use Mycro?

  • Mycro has tokens You can buy this token on this website. That’s a very affordable price for you.
  • You buy this token and use it for web sites to transact.
  • Mycro is a shopping job. They have more jobs:
  • The first: buy tokens (tokens to use this website)
  • The second: You find a good job for you.
  • Even though, they have a big platform for you, you have to recommend work and talk to this platform, it will support you.

3. Benefits of Mycro?

  • They use blockchain and AI technology for you. It is very convenient so when you transact on this website, sometimes it will be processed but Mycro is not because it uses blockchain technology.
  • You can invest in the project so that it is very potential.

Why can I invest

  • Teamwork and advisors    : they have more experience on the internet. They will support together and this project will increase in the future.
  • Road map   : Very potential you can see this road map. this is a long-term vision and an increase from year to year.
  • Partners   : There are 10 partners in this project. That is good information for investors and people on the platform.

4. In my opinion: 

This project will succeed in the future. The fourth industrial machine now, new ideas and crazy ideas make it different. Mycro is a new ideal, does not have an ideal job and connects people together. Mycro has made it.

How will Mycro help in finding work?

Mycro depends on special sorting functions. Both contractor and job provider can determine their preferences and rank based on their interests. Thank you, for a  smart self-learning matching algorithm  that will sort available job offers, taking into account the pre-selected preferences, job history and rankings generated from this. The contractor finds all job offers that are sorted individually in the  Mobile Application  . These are all based on user guides or user surfaces that can be compared to networks such as Tinder. The contractor must do it

swipe to see through job offers and search for suitable offers. Jobs are sorted in descending order based on the level of compatibility.

How does the payment system between the job provider and the contractor work?

If the work is agreed between the job provider and ten contractors, both will receive a personal QR code. Beginning of work is indicated by

Job providers scan QR contractor codes. If both parties have decided to pay with cryptocurrency, the agreed amount will be sent directly to  the escrow smart contract  at this stage. The money will be

kept in trust by a smart contract escrow when the work is done (escrow). Job providers and employers do not have the authority to access money. To end the job, the contractor scans the QR code of the job provider and the smart contract will take care of the contractor’s money.

Token symbol: 
Softcap MYO: 3,500,000 € 
Hardcap: 14,000,000 € 
Token supply: 100,000,000 MYO 
Private sales: 26,000,000 MYO 
Main sales: 40,000,000 
MYO Blockchain specifications: ERC20 
Token participation method: ETH * 
ICO Start: Q4 / 2018
Disribution Token



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