The solution to the problem of time and money

mycro_kapak.pngRenkCubuk.jpgLet’s like it or not, but life goes on. And in this last life, our time, our resources, our health and our money somehow remain behind and leave us. Every component that I count is part of our lives as part of our lives. In this case, time and money resources are considered to be the most important in our society. We have a lot of time today = money in our lives. I will talk about the mycro project, which offers a different approach to this problem.

Have you ever noticed that these two concepts are always close together? You can meet people who have a lot of money but have little free time. I think each of us is surrounded by at least one person. Spending money makes you happy, but your family, children, and spouse cannot spend time with him. So some negative residues are formed in the soul.

In life, however, there are other cases where a person often spends a lot of free time and can spend more time with his family. However, there are no financial benefits that are appropriate for this situation. That is why a vicious cycle occurs. But you want to get rid of this infertility? There is a proposal from the project team to answer questions and try to solve the problem. Let’s look together.


What is the purpose of this project?

The main idea of ​​this project is to create innovative solutions to the problem of lack of time and money. This project gives everyone the type of work or care they can give to others and achieve the desired results (free time or money). This is a mobile application that will provide a place for various types of people to do various short-term jobs.


How does the principle work?

If we want to explain by example; You want to spend the day with your family, but you don’t have enough time to relax with them in the park. Instead, make a list of homework that has long been stacked and needs immediate attention. This can include everything: cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, washing the sheets and ironing.

mycro_2.pngHowever, with Mycro, you have the opportunity to entrust a portion of your work to employees who are ready to receive gifts for it. To immediately solve two main problems. You can spend time with your family and do all your homework. There are thousands of examples like that. This is the type of work, from home services to shipping services to the end of various virtual services and quality, because business can be a completely different plan.

MYCRO-Time & Money Equalizer

Mycro will create innovative solutions for people with problems of time and money and compensate for the imbalance between time and time

money. In addition, this will play an important role in decentralized peer-to-peer networks through easy-to-use mobile applications. Short-term simple jobs can be arranged for free directly on the mycro network. To help people find the right job. Therefore, one person gets time, money is different.

How does Mycro help in job search?

Mycro depends on special sorting functions. Both contractors and job providers can choose their preferences and rankings based on their interests. Thank you very much for the intelligent self-learning matching algorithm that ranks available job opportunities, taking into account the pre-selected preferences, job history, and rankings generated. The contractor will find all vacancies sorted separately in the mobile application. These are all based on user manuals or user interfaces that can be compared to networks such as Tinder. The contractor must do it

Swipe to search through vacancies and search for suitable offers. Jobs are sorted in order of level of compatibility.

How do payment systems work between job providers and contractors?

If the work has been agreed between the job provider and ten contractors, both will receive a personal QR code. Starting work is marked with

The job provider scans the QR contractor code. If both parties have decided to pay with cryptocurrency, the agreed amount will be sent directly to the smart escrow contract at that time. The money will be

held by smart trust companies as trustees when work is done (trust company). The job provider and employer are not authorized to access money. To complete the work, the contractor scans the QR code of the client and contracts that intelligently handle contractor money.

In return for completing the work needed, Mycro users only pay a 2% fee to use the decentralized version of Mycro, which is 28% less than other networks currently available on the market.

type of order

The Mycro Mobile application is very helpful for finding jobs from the following categories:


The mobile application will be available for Android and iOS versions.

The dashboard has an easy-to-use interface and can only be accessed via mobile to publish posts and find work.

Mycro network

Overall, the mycro network consists of the following components that make it one of the best decentralized networks to balance time and money. These components are as follows:

market potential

According to a study by McKinsey

The proportion of casual workers in the US is usually 30% or more. Some time ago, Freelancers Union and Upwork published a study that showed that 35% of the US workforce had worked well

Part-time or full-time and assume that with increasing digitalization and liberalization, the percentage of 30% casual workers can be achieved in other regions.

Token structure and function:

Token distribution:



In Nutsell, the concept behind this project is to give people free time and money to work as they wish and spend more time in more limited ways, rather than spending more than half of their lives with coins only important things that can be fulfilled.

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