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What is MYCRO?
MYCRO is an intuitive mobile application that you can use. Simple short-term tasks can be placed directly on the MYCRO network for free. MYCRO uses intelligent and self-learning algorithms known on dating platforms to match these tasks with job seekers on time. He works. One has time, the other gets money.
The success of Mycro is based on intuitive usability. The need for job seekers and job seekers must be fulfilled quickly and simply. This happens by matching the right job seekers with the right job seekers. After that, both parties reached their destination. Daily needs are good for job seekers. An interesting and tempting job for job seekers.

Mycro provides many jobs such as:

Home Services: (Gardening, cleaning, tidying, replacing, small repairs, cleaning windows, washing, ironing, cooking, etc.)

Delivery Service: (Shopping, driving services, transportation services, shipping services, etc.)

Virtual Services: (Internet research, travel planning, assistance services, administrative work, online surveys, etc.)

Skilled Services: (Tutoring, Photography, Models, Piano Lessons, Preparing Computers, Installing TV, DJs, Waiters, Setting Up Internet Connection etc.)

On Mycro the platform has methods for making payments and transactions using Mycro Token (MYO).


2. How to use Mycro?

  • Mycro has tokens You can buy this token on this website. That’s a very affordable price for you.
  • You purchased this token and used it for a website to transact.
  • Mycro is a shopping job. They have more jobs:
  • The first: buy tokens (tokens to use this website)
  • The second: You find a good job for you.
  • Although, they have a large platform for you, you have to recommend work and talk to this platform, it will support you.

3. Benefits of Mycro?

  • They use blockchain and AI technology for you. Very comfortable so that when you transact on this website, sometimes it will be processed but Mycro is not because it uses blockchain technology.
  • You can invest in the project so that it is very potential.

Why can I invest?

  • Teamwork and advisors     : they have more experience on the internet. They will support together and this project will increase in the future.
  • Road map    : Very potential you can see this road map. this is a long-term vision and increases from year to year.
  • Partners    : There are 10 partners in this project. That is good information for investors and people on the platform.

4. In my opinion: 

This project will succeed in the future. The fourth industrial machine now, new ideas and crazy ideas make it different. Mycro is a new ideal, does not have an ideal job and connects people together. Mycro has made it.

Furthermore for the elements, such as the applicant’s reputation and job records, the offer will affect the application situation on the job provider’s dashboard. Increased bids will mean better posture. Professional workers will choose from all job seekers, but a position that is far better than some applicants will significantly increase the likelihood of the contractor being selected for the task. Similar to search engines like Yahoo, visitors who can be found on the first web page have the best chance of being achieved; go to the third page and then generally don’t have a chance.

When applying for a career, workers can use Mycro bridal party (MYO) to get a better position on the service provider’s dashboard. Similar to the sale of an eBay purchase, the contractor does not pay until the individual is given the responsibility and the job without hesitation. This is recorded when the QR code is scanned at the beginning of the job. Most of the Mycro bridal parties (MYO) offered may be included in the prize group. Towards the end of the task, both users will be able to check each other. Depending on the rating, the effort provider and employer get tokens from the prize pool area as a bonus. The better the review of functions provided by others, the more bridal parties they will get as offers.

Token Distribution:



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