MYCRO: Solution to the Time and Money Dilemma

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MYCRO  is the main idea of ​​this project is to create innovative solutions, which are problems with lack of time and lack of relevant funds. This project is a mobile application that will organize a variety of short-term jobs for all types of people, where they will be able to delegate some of their work or care to others and get the desired results (time or money).

Mycro provides a platform that will rise to the top of the global marketplace to match real-time work through intuitive and simple operations. Through our peer-to-peer network for simple jobs, we give people back control over their time and balance of money.

Mycro wants to solve the big problems of society by creating a balance between time and money and also to build a global and decentralized peer-to-peer network for simple jobs. People all over the world must choose for themselves what they do, when and for whom they work and what their time is worth.


The technology that gives us the first transparent, secure, and decentralized currency through Bitcoin has opened the door for highly innovative business solutions through smart contracts on networks such as the Ethereum Network. Through this, a large number of businesses have printed a group of people who grow with significant wealth related to cryptocurrency.

However, as happened, the process of translating wealth accumulated in cryptocurrency into a real life experience to be enjoyed by cryptocurrency owners, unfortunately, is very troublesome. Buying, transferring, and exchanging digital currencies with widely accepted “money” is complicated, slow, and unstable.

Real world usability issues related to cryptocurrency have pushed a number of companies to overcome this challenge. While many competitors in this space have approached it with prepaid plastic card solutions that seem logical, their use cases are limited to a number of crypto currencies and revenue is limited to only a small number of Traders, thus hampering wider adoption. Before I continue, let’s look at the video below to find out more about   MYCRO VISION To protect the most valuable gift, offer life to people, namely TIME. PROBLEM  We find two problems in society today, namely Time and Money

Those who have time want money. In today’s society, there are many people in the world who are rich in time but want to have more money. Because of a lack of financial resources, they worry about money most of the time.

Having a lot of free time is enjoying free time spending a lot of money. Money for recreational activities and hobbies, family money, living money. Lack of money makes me sad and this makes people unhappy. Anyone who asks about his financial problems will tell you that he needs MONEY.


Time is a phenomenon that accompanies people throughout their lives. Those who have money want time. time cannot be accumulated and stored.

Time is a basic requirement for all the most valuable life forms and resources that people have. Living without time is an unexpected thing. SOLUTION

The solution to this problem is MYCRO

Mycro creates innovative solutions for people with problems of time and money and reduces imbalances between time and money.

Simple Mycro. Faster. Intuitive.


home Under home service, mycro provides these services such as gardening, cleaning, tidying, replacing, small repairs, cleaning windows, washing, ironing, cooking.

Shipping service

By doing shopping, driving services, transportation services, shipping services.

virtual services

Internet research, travel planning, assistance services, clerical work, online surveys.

Skilled service

Tutoring, photography, modeling work, piano lessons, arranging computers, installing TV, DJs, waiters, managing internet connections.


MYCRO Economy Gig

One of the fastest growing parts of the global labor market. At present, 200 million people are involved – this number is expected to increase to one billion in the next few years.

Good value for society

With our solutions, we give people control over their time and money and improve the lives of millions of people.

Decentralized system

From the beginning, we built smart contract software architecture on the blockchain to realize a vision of a fully decentralized system.

Brilliant team

Together, we have more than 150+ years of experience in building companies, developing software, blockchain, and marketing. And we love what we do.

Token & Distribution Details

Token Name:  MYO
Type: Utility Platform 
Price:  1 MYO = 0.25 EUR
Receive:  ETH, BTC, LTC,
Close Soft  Fiat  :  1,500,000 EUR
Hard Cover:  14,000,000 EUR
Country:  Germany



Their platform makes it easy for us, both those who offer jobs or those who are looking for additional jobs. Actually there are already several platforms like those that still use conventional but not transparent systems. Because this platform uses blockchain technology and makes it more transparent, maybe this will be a game changer in this market. Well, I hope this project will run smoothly.

think that’s enough for now, Don’t forget to follow & improve, I will provide some links related to the Mycro project below. Thank you very much!

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