The world economy is not in good shape and there are many situations of unemployment. A reliable solution has been taken to eradicate this problem of unemployment and financial constraints. Mycro Platform is the first blockchain-based project that uses Blockchain technology for other purposes to eradicate unemployment in the global economy. The platform was founded to address the growing financial problem resulting from mass unemployment. through a decentralized Blockchain system.

Mycro aims to create a sustainable and innovative solution for people who have difficulties with time and finances, thereby indicating an imbalance between time and money. In addition, the platform will play an important decentralized role of P2P through a user-friendly dedicated mobile application. Short-term work can be placed on the mycro network for free.


Micro offers the following class of jobs:

Work at home, such as gardening, cleaning, General cleaning of the house and much more

They offer a delivery service that includes transportation services, delivery services and more.

They also offer virtual services such as online survey, administrative services, assistance services, trip planning and more.

They offer a skilled service that includes modeling work, TV installation, computer repair, piano lessons, DJ work and more.

How is the payment between the employer and the employee?

If an agreement is reached between both parties, the Platform will provide them both with their QR code. If both parties have reached a cryptocurrency payment agreement, the payment will be sent directly to the smart escrow agreement. In this case, both of them will not have access to the money until the job is completed. After the job is completed, the employee scans the QR code of the job provider and receives payment under the smart contract. Users of the Mycro platform pay only 2% for the use of the platform, unlike other platforms that charge prohibitively high fees.


Why invest in Mycro Platform?

(1) the Gig economy was one of the fastest growing sectors in the global labour market. It involves more than 200 million people in the world, and it is expected that in a few years this number will increase to billions,

(2) the Mycro Platform solution allows people to control their time and money to improve the lives of millions of people.

(3) Working on a decentralized system: the Mycro Platform team has created an intelligent contract architecture on the Blockchain to fully achieve the goal of decentralization.

(4) Mycro is an existing company with many years of experience, more than 150 years of experience in software development and Blockhain in particular.

The USE of Micro Token

1 For job search: MYO can be used to get a good position in the employers control panel.

2 Awards: users can also receive remuneration in the form of MYO from a pool of rewards community for the excellent rating after the creation of the work,

3 MYO Currency has been designated for the safe and secure payment of jobs on the platform through a smart escrow agreement.


Why does Micro accept Blockchain?

1 Speed and efficiency

2 Trust: a decentralized system of assessment and verification solves the problem of trust.

3 Security: this is the safest choice for this type of platform, money will be assisted under a decentralized escrow agreement until the work is finally done. Smart escrow agreement will take care of payment

Reduces cost: jobs are published free of charge, employees pay 2% for using Dapp, thus eliminating middlemen, exorbitant fees of 30% received by the middleman will be completely skipped.


Being financially stable is very important in life. The Mycro platform will help everyone achieve their financial goals and solve part of the global unemployment problem. Become a part of this amazing platform now.

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