When we were kids we all have studied in junior classes that Man is a Social Animal and Cannot live Without Society. Working on this concept our parents and there parents and there parents and our previous generations, tried there level best to give the best they have to there children by that I mean good food to eat, good clothes to wear, good house to live, good education so that there children can live in the society made by man comfortably and respectfully.

This thought of living a Comfortable and Respectful life have been passed from one generation to another in the same way as it was started but, did we ever thought how many pains and troubles went through to give us that respectful of what they have dreamed about us. The answer is simple NOwhy? because just like our parents we too are also busy in making our future generations to get settled in their it’s lives. It seems like bicycle chain which goes up and down, a never ending race that nobody can win.

Now, the Question that should come in our mind is Why one cannot win this race?

The answer is quite simple, we are all trained to sell our Time and Knowledge for Money. So it’s called money for time trap

where a person sells their knowledge and time to earn money for there family to Survive. Take a look at few of these questions and answer to youself:

  • When was the last time you had a Family dinner ?
  • When was the last time you had a Family Picnic ?
  • When was the last time you had dinner or lunch in an expensive restaurant ?
  • When was the last time you went out for shopping with family with Tag Free Shopping (shoppping without looking at price tags) ?

There are many other examples but we are least bother about them as we dont have enough money but got plenty of time
Whereas, Opposite to this is another category where people have plenty of money or rather say wealth but dont have time to spend it, Time for Money trap they dont have time to meet there near and dear ones. Despite that they want to be with there friends and Families but they couldnt make it beacause of shortage of time.

The beauty of the nature is that eveyone on this planet no matter how wealthy, or how well to do the person is we all are blessed with 24 hours a day which gets credited in everybody’s life next day again.

Being wealthy doesnt mean that the person gets an hour or two extra in there life.
In short, The world is full of people who are stuck in there lives somewhere or the other and despite of there will they cannot move themselves as they stuck in time and money or money and time trap.


Scott. A Miller

Thanks to 21st century and the Blockchain Technology for helping us to overcome from this time and money delimma.

MYCRO- Time & Money Equaliser

Mycro will create an innovative solution for people with time and money problems and tokenize the imbalance between time and money. Also, will play an essential role in the decentralized peer-to-peer network through a mobile app which is easy to use. Simple jobs on a short-term basis can be posted directly to the mycro network for free. Thus helpingthe person to find right job. Hence, one person gains time, the other money.
How Mycro will help in finding job ?

Mycro relies on a special sorting function. Both jobber and job provider can specify their preferences and rank them according to importance. Thanks, to The intelligent self-learning matching algorithm which will sort the available job offers, taking into consideration the preselected preferences, the job history and the ratings resulting from this. The jobber finds all individually sorted job offers in theMobile Application. This is all based on user guidance or a user surface that is comparable with networks such as Tinder. The jobber simply has to swipe to look through the job offers and search for a suitable offer. The jobs are sorted in a descending order based on the level of compatibility.

How do payment system between both job provider and jobber work ?

If the job is agreed between job provider and jobber ten, both will receive a personal QR code. The start of the job is marked by the job provider scanning the jobber‘s QR code. If both parties have decided on payment by cryptocurrency, the agreed amount will be sent directly toan escrow smart contract at this stage. The money will be held in trust by the escrow smart contract while the job is performed (escrow). Neither the job provider nor the jobber has the authority to access the money. In order to conclude the job, the jobber scans the job provider‘s QR code and the smart contract will take care of the jobber‘s Money.

In return for getting there required jobs done Mycro users merely pay 2% fees for the use of the complete decentralised version of Mycro which is 28% less as compare to other networks available in the market today.

Types Of Jobs

Mycro Mobile application would be helpful for finding the jobs of the following categories:


The Mobile application will be available both for Android & IOS version

The dashboard will have easy to use interface and can only be accessed via mobile only for posting as well as finding job.

Mycro Network

Overall, The mycro network comprises of the following components that made it one of the best decentralized network for maintaining time & money balance equillibrium. These components are as follows:

Market Potential

According to a study conducted by McKinsey

The percentage of freelance workers in the USA is generally 30% or more. while, some time ago, the Freelancers Union and Upwork published a study that shows that 35% of the US workforce already freelances either part-time or full-time and is assume that with the **increase in digitalization and liberlization this percentage of 30% of freelance workers could also be reached in other regions.

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