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The Mycro application helps you turn your tasks into completion. Users can offer or apply for any short-term job, from home, shipping, virtual and skilled services.

Low cost

By utilizing the blockchain, middlemen are eliminated, which results in commission fees of only 0% to 5%
Fast and easy to use

Available all over the world. Find help and make money wherever you are.
Job matching inside
real time

By using smart matching algorithms and self-learning Mycro that have been adopted from popular dating platforms, job providers connect with suitable candidates, match empty jobs with the right people in real time.

Instant payment

Mycro puts your income in your pocket when you complete a task, not a few weeks later. Unreliable, instant payments on the blockchain.

MYCRO – Equation of time and money

Mycro will create innovative solutions for people with problems of time and money and will show an imbalance between time and money. In addition, this will play an important role in the peer to peer decentralized network through mobile applications that are easy to use. Simple short-term jobs can be published directly on the mycro network for free. Help the person to find the right job. Therefore, one person gets time, another money.

How does Mycro help find work?


Both workers and job providers can determine their preferences and classify them according to their interests. Thanks to an intelligent self-learning matching algorithm that will order available job offers, taking into account pre-selected preferences, work history and qualifications generated from this. Workers find all job offers ordered individually on the mobile application. All of this is based on the user’s guide or on the user’s surface that is comparable to a network such as Tinder. Workers only need to slide to see job offers and look for adequate offers. Jobs are classified in descending order according to the level of compatibility.

How do payment systems work between providers and jobs?

If the work is agreed between the job provider and ten employees, both will receive a personal QR code. The start of the job is indicated by the job provider who scans the QR code from the person working. If both parties have decided to pay crypto currency, the agreed amount will be sent directly to this stage. Money will be held in trust for intelligent prisoner contracts while work is done (trust). Neither labor providers nor workers have the authority to access money. To end the work, the worker scans the QR code of the job provider and the smart contract will take care of the workers’ money.

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Our job is to protect the most valuable gifts that life offers to people: TIME.

Time connects us all, regardless of our origin or social rank. Time is limited. Limited time. We cannot restore or extend the time. In today’s world, our time is largely externally controlled. Time is controlled by our work, our clients, our social obligations.

Therefore, we believe that everyone in the world has the right to have control of their own time. Our vision is to implement this right.

For this reason, we will create a balance between time and money. We will build a global and decentralized network for simple work. People throughout the world must choose what they do, when and for whom they work and what their time value is.

Our mission is to give everyone access to this opportunity, regardless of whether they come from a city in Vietnam, on the outskirts of Berlin or downtown Manhattan.

Profits from your Blockchain

Quick and easy use

Our smart algorithm is able to match the right job with the right worker very quickly. Jobs can be published for free at any time. Workers see work anytime.


Strange people have trust problems. We will solve this problem through a system of qualifications and decentralized verification carried out by smart contracts in the block chain. In this way, both parties can make transactions “without trust” without taking the associated risks.


The money is held by a smart detention contract that is out of control when work is being carried out. Both labor providers and workers do not have access. The prisoner contract will be responsible for worker compensation only if the work is successful.

Low rates

Our vision is to turn Mycro into a fully decentralized application (dApp). By eliminating intermediaries, rates of up to 30% charged by intermediaries no longer have to be paid. Jobs can always be published for free. Workers only pay 2% to use the Mycro application.


Mio Token
Price of 1 MYO = 0.25 EUR
Prima Available
Generosity Available
Ethereal platform
Receive ETH
Soft cover 3,500,000 EUR
Hardcover 14,000,000 EUR

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