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Hello everyone good morning, in this new post I will introduce the Mycro project, and for more details, let’s go to the following discussion:

This German company already has a very good business, indeed all companies want to be a dream for some people. Quite often they will make various efforts to be able to create all the best possibilities for their efforts. One of them is this project which has a good strategy to be able to market their products. Well actually there are lots of projects out there that are good, but this project has a very different advantage that you can use to invest in long periods, therefore I will discuss how this project works.

To be the best company in the whole world is ideal for this project, because this company is very effective and already established. With a large number of products, of course, this is an opportunity for the community to be able to invest on a national scale in order to continue to develop their business. this project wants to be the best project in the whole world, not impossible, because the resources owned by this company are very large.

About Mycro

Mycro wants to solve the community’s main problem. Through our peer-to-peer network for simple work, Mycro gives people control over the balance of their time and money. Mycro has made it our job to protect the lives of the most valuable gifts, offering people: TIME. It takes time to connect us all regardless of our origin or social rank. Limited time. We cannot take or extend time. In the world today, our time is mostly externally controlled. Time can be controlled by our work, our customers, and our social obligations.

Therefore we strongly believe that everyone in the world has the right to be able to control their own time. This is our vision to implement this right. For this reason too, we will create a balance between time and money. We will build a global and decentralized peer-to-peer network for very simple jobs. Everyone in the world must also choose for themselves what they will do, when and for whom they work and how much time they have. Mycro’s mission is to give everyone access to these opportunities no matter whether they come from a village in Vietnam, on the outskirts of Berlin or from Downtown Manhattan.

Mycro has advanced technology, namely job offers directly in our Mycro application that are designed beautifully and we make sure you will connect quickly with community members who can help you! Explore the Mycro application and find the job that works for you. Register now and finish the job. Simple like that. We will release the power of the local community by applying our protocol to be able to connect people. Through this game change platform we will open the door to become the number one market worldwide for real time job matching.

Through smart escrow contracts, payments will be automatically handled based on the agreement and will only be distributed after the work is completed and done perfectly. With this arrangement, Mycro no longer needs an intermediary body that will reduce the overall operating costs for the Mycro team and its community.

Mycro Job Market


Examples of Mycro Transactions

The Job Search section is where Mycro’s smart algorithm works in the background. This will bring a job offer that matches the contractor’s interests and skills or the preferences of the job provider. The user-friendly interface allows easy access to job offers. Job offers will be listed from top to bottom with the first result as the best offer recommended for contractor

The user’s reputation profile shows a profile picture, name, age, place of residence, whether verified and insured, star rating status and review of activities, payment instruments and collections of job images.

Token Information :

Name: Mycro
Symbol: MYO
Token type: ERC20
Price: 1 MYO = 0.25 EUR

Softcap: $ 3,500,000
Hardcap: $ 14,000,000

Total Supply: 100,000,000
Tokens for sale: 40,000,000

Token Distribution:

Fund distribution


Phase 01: Structure

Start – Mycro conception

Team & company – Establishment Mycro.Jobs GmbH and development of core teams, development white paper, legal review of token design

MVP – Start development MVP, launch whitelisting website

ICO website online,
Crowdsale smart contracts are ready

Private sale for strategic partners with a long-term value for the project

Pre sale for „early investors“

Main sale – ICO, procurement of capital for the development of the Mycro network and implementation of the road map

Phase 02: Expansion

MYO exchange listing –
We will work on listing MYO on suitable top exchanges

Soft launch MVP –
Local market (Germany)

National launch –
The app is to be launched in German cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and in German-speaking cities in Switzerland and Austria.

European launch –
The app is to be launched in France, Spain, Sweden, Italy – preferably in Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm and Rom

Global launch –
The app is to be launched
in Asia and the USA
Phase 03: Decentralisation

Start decentralisation –
Step-by-step introduction of decentral management mechanisms

Full decentralisation –
Decentralised computer and storage capacities are used in order to operate an independent ecosystem (IPFS, Golem, Sonm)




For more information about the MYCRO project, please visit the following link:

White paper:
ANN Thread:


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