Mycro – Aims to create a balance between time and money.

Warm Greetings to the readers this time, I am an eager child who wants to give me an idea about the Mycro Project, What is Mcyro? Let us review

What is Mycro?
Mycro is a digital platform that harnesses the power of local communities by implementing protocols to connect people. This platform aims to provide a way that will advance to the top of the global market to provide real-time job matching through simple operations.

For example, if you want to have a clean apartment but can’t find time to do it yourself, you can post a job in the Mycro app and quickly connect with community members who can do it for you. The same principle applies to other jobs. Simple.

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Good product to work on. Fun and profitable work for employees. This is why Mycro uses special sorting functions.

Both service providers and service providers can show their preferences and rank them according to interests. Smart self-learning algorithms must match the chosen work that requires attention, pre-selected preferences, work history and rankings that follow.

The Mycro application presents all offers sorted individually. All of this is based on user data or the user’s surface. To get a quote.

Trust: decentralized rating system / decentralized user verification. People should contact each other. Economists estimate that over 60% of people read estimates. The percentage is even higher than the ratings of reliable users is 12 times more effective than the product descriptions of the manufacturer.

Now you can provide ratings only in closed systems. Micro wants to change that. Ethereum. Each user profile of a job provider or employee is associated with a wallet. Every job that is done is controlled by a smart contract. After the job was completed successfully, a smart contract gives employers the opportunity to evaluate each other. These ratings are decentralized to the corresponding ethereum address. Thus, subsequent manipulations or fake ratings are excluded.

To find out more, you can connect more with Mycro at the link below:

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