Greetings to loyal readers and warm greetings I would like to give a review of the MYCRO project, and for more details, let’s go to the following discussion:

MYCRO is an intuitive mobile application to use. Simple short-term work can be done directly on the MYCRO network for free. Using intelligent and self-taught algorithms known on dating platforms, MYCRO combines these tasks on time with the right job seekers. He does his work. One person has time, other money.

Home services
Gardening, cleaning, tidying, replacing, minor repairs, cleaning windows, washing, ironing, cooking

Delivery service
Do shopping, driving services, transportation services, shipping services

Virtual service
Internet research, travel planning, assistance services, clerical work, online surveys

Skilled service
Tutoring, photography, modeling work, piano lessons, arranging computers, installing TV, DJs, waiters, arranging internet connections

Single Use Simple Work

The success of Mycro is based on intuitive user friendliness. The needs of job providers and job seekers need to be dealt with quickly and without complications. This happens when you combine the right job offers with the right job seekers. Only after both parties reach their destination. Good product for job providers.

Fun and tempting for those who are looking for a trabajo. work mission. Nuestra is to give everyone access to these opportunities, whether they come from a village in Vietnam, outside Berlin or downtown Manhattan.
Source: English.pfMYCRO

want to solve a serious problem in the community. Through peer-to-peer networks for simple jobs, they allow people to control the rest of their time and money. During ICO, a maximum of 100,000 MYO will be made. Softbank will reach up to 3.5 million euros.

Token Myc ro (Myo)

Shopping for work
Use Mycro Token (MYO) to achieve a better position on the job provider’s dashboard. This allows you to determine your own costs. We call it job shopping.

Accept MYO from a collection of community prizes for good rankings after the work is successful and build the Mycro community – controlled by smart contracts.

It is planned that you can use Mycro tokens (MYO) to pay for work – in a reliable and safe way using smart contract escrow. (Plan)
Why is the Blockchain?
Fast and simple use
Our intelligent algorithm is able to match the right job with the right contractor very quickly. Jobs can be posted for free anytime. Workers see jobs anytime.

Foreigners have a problem of trust. We will solve this problem through a decentralized ranking and verification system implemented by smart contracts on the blockchain. In this way, both parties can carry out ‘no trust’ transactions without taking the associated risks.

The money is held by a smart contract escrow decentralized when work is done. Job providers and employers do not have access. The escrow contract will handle the remuneration of the employer only if the work is successful.

Low cost
It is our vision to turn Mycro into a fully decentralized application (dApp). By eliminating intermediaries, fees of up to 30% charged by intermediaries no longer have to be paid. Jobs can always be posted for free. Workers only pay 2% to use Mycro dApp.

Token sales

Symbol: MYO

  • Softcap: 3,500,000 €
  • Hardcap: € 14,000
  • Supply tokens: 100,000,000 MYO
  • Private sales: 26,000,000 MYO
  • Main sales: 40,000,000 MYO
  • Blockchain Specifications: ERC20
  • Method of participation: ETH *
  • Start ICO: Q1 / 2019

Token distribution

Total MYO: 100,000,000

  • A) Personal sales: (26%)
  • B) Pre-sale / main sales: (40%)
  • C) Gift groups for the community: (12%)
  • D) Prize program: (5%)
  • E) Bonuses & advisors: (8%)
  • F) Team & founder: (9%)
  • Fund distribution


A) 45% of Marketing
B) 40% Development, technology & payroll
C) 8% Banking & crypto
D) 7% Legal, consulting & administration
Phase 01: Start

Start – Mycro’s conception

Team & company – establishment
Mycro.Jobs GmbH and development
core team, white development
paper, legal review of token design

MVP – Started developing MVP,
launch the white list website

Online ICO website,
The Crowdsale Smart contract is ready

Q3 / 2018
Private sales for strategic partners
with long-term value for the project

Q1 / 2019
Pre-sale for “initial investors”

Q1 / 2019
Main sales – ICO, procuring capital for the development of Mycro
network and implementation

Phase 02: Expansion

Q2 / 2019
Register for MYO exchanges –
We will work on the MYO list
on the top most suitable exchanges

Q2 / 2019
Launch MVP software
local market (germany)

Q4 / 2019
National launch –
Planned like German cities
Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and
German-speaking city in
swiss and austria

Q2 / 2020
European launch –
The planned country is France,
Spain, Schweden, Italy –
Favorite cities are Paris,
Barcelona, ​​Stockholm and Rom

Q1 / 2021
Global launch –
Planned is a city
in Asia and the United States

Phase 03: Decentralization

Q3 / 2021
Start decentralization –
introduction of a step-by-step decentralization management mechanism

Q3 / 2022
Full decentralization –
decentralized computers and storage
capacity used for
operate an independent ecosystem
(IPFS, Golem, Sonm)
To find more relevant details from the MYCRO project, please follow some sources for the following references:



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