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Currently the progress of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology has become a massive thing for all circles.

Having a cryptocurrency investment is a must for modern society. This is very interesting for many new crypto products to make ICO released to the wider community.

This is also what caught my attention as a writer to write an ICO project that is very promising for your future, about ICO MYCRO.

MYCRO is The main idea of ​​the project is to create an innovative solution, for which the problem of lack of time and lack of funds is relevant. This project is a mobile application that will host various short-term jobs for all types of people, where they will be able to delegate some of their work or care to other people and get the desired result (free time or money).


How it works?

For example: you do not have enough time to make your only day off with your family, relax somewhere in the park with them. Instead, you are doing a huge list of household chores that have long been accumulated and require urgent execution. Anything can be included here: cleaning the apartment, mowing the lawn, washing and ironing bed linen.


But with MYCRO you have a unique chance to entrust a part of your work to someone who is ready to receive a reward for it. So you will immediately solve two of your main problems: you can spend time with your family and do all the household chores. I find it very convenient! There are thousands of such examples. Since the types of work can be completely different plan, ranging from home services, delivery services and ending with various virtual and highly qualified services.

Project Features

Since the main feature of the project is its availability, openness and ease of use, the Blockchain technology itself is an indispensable advantage. On the basis of which all further principles of interaction of the participants of this platform will be built. Smart contracts and an intelligent algorithm will help control these relationships. The terms of the contract will be considered successful only when both parties are satisfied with the fulfillment of their obligations. Also within the framework of MYCRO there will be a rating of participants so that the employer has the opportunity to pre-assess a potential performer.


This principle of interaction within a decentralized network will maximize the reliability and future reputation of all participants, while directly connecting with the specialist you need.

After all, you will agree that often, the person who could do your work lives far from you, but you do not even suspect its existence, since both use the wrong tools for communication and interaction. With MYCRO this problem will be solved. Since jobbers and all the necessary information about them will be available to you immediately when filling out your application form for wishes, which will positively affect the total search time.


Details of the ICO

If we talk about the means of interaction in the framework of MYCRO, then the internal token – MYO will be available to participants. Thanks to which you will be able to receive not only some kind of bonus for the work done, but also to pay it back when performing some task. Total founding team intends to release 100 million tokens. All of them will be developed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). The total number of tokens will be divided into two parts, according to the conduct of private and public sales. You can purchase this token through ETH.

The distribution of tokens and funds is as follows:



At the end of my review I would like to note a very interesting concept and idea of ​​the project itself. I believe that for many it will be very interesting, since in fact you will be able to directly have the opportunity to communicate with people who can be assigned to do this or that work. What does not apply to third-party third parties at the time of payment and at the time of confirmation of the operation. The platform is really made in the most simple interface, so that absolutely anyone, different technical training, could work with it.

If we talk about the project in more detail, I still recommend that you study MYCRO in more detail. To do this, at the end of the article I will attach all the necessary links, thanks to which you will receive all the necessary, official information about this project.



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