MYCRO is a mobile application that is intuitive to use. Simple work on a short-term basis can be placed directly in the MYCRO network for free. Using intelligent and self-learning algorithms known from the dating of platforms, MYCROmatches these tasks on time with the right jobber. He or she does the work. One person gets time, other money.


The main vision is helping others to maximize their time and earn a living. It is as simple as that and that requires simple connections no matter what ones rank is. It provides jobs that are stable and worth spending time on and that is done as a special obligation to the users. With your accounts opened, you will have real access to the platform and have the right to all what should be owned by a customer. MYCRO sets you to be responsible for your time, having full rights over what you do with it and the choice made. It helps us balance the time and have a great p2p platform to attend to the work secured in the platform. Everyone around the world will be given the chance to work and earn some cash regardless of where they are in the world. This platform promotes trust between then users and make them give ratings as they are satisfied on the blockchain. It is protected and controlled by smartcontracts which gives them the entry into the network even though it has been developed fully and is implemented.

What work is suitable for work in Mycro?

There are many different ways of doing business on the planet. However, for the Mycro platform, only one of all the odd tasks is appropriate. Thus, Mycro has grouped business areas into 4 main classes:

1) Work at home

The first is housework. Today, people who work everywhere seriously, do not have enough energy for homework or do not prefer to do housework. Be that as it may, they face serious difficulties in finding people who can trust and do it quickly. Thanks to Mycro, you can undoubtedly and reliably detect people capable of doing such things. Cleaning, washing dishes, planting, pressing, cooking, fixing, repairing a crane, home improvement, and so on. You can use the Mycro platform to find the right worker.

2) Supply of work

It is safe to say that you are too busy to even think about leaving the house? Or, again, would you prefer not to go outside? Or, on the other hand, you can be relaxed. In case you fail to run away from home, you will not have the motivation for stress because of this, in light of the fact that there is a Mycro platform. You can find workers who can do it for you, you can make a special purchase, exchange of vehicles, taxis and various exchanges that require development. Coordinating his actions with the worker on the Mycro platform, he makes recommendations, and you can do it through the person you meet on the platform.

3) Virtual work

Today, everyone can not use the Internet as successfully or as quickly as necessary. Some people are exclusively removed from this innovation and are looking for someone who can do everything for themselves. This may include travel arrangements, specialized administration, Internet searches and tasks. You can also use the Mycro administration to perform such exchanges.

4) Work requiring ability

In case you live alone, from time to time you may not have enough inclinations to perform your duties, and you may need another person. Because life is too short to even think about learning everything. You may not have enough energy to give away some things as a result of your noisy pace. Anyway, Micro can take care of this for you. Using the Mycro platform, you can take your pet and find someone who will play it, take a violin, a guitar or other exercises with instruments, and also set up or repair your mechanical gadgets. Thus, you can use his abilities by hiring someone who is much better versed in a subject about which you have little information

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It’s so obvious that with blockchain technology we can say that the world is head to a better place, and for this project I urge everyone reading this to grab full advantage immediately.




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