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Post the job provide immediately on our beautiful designed Mycro app and we make positive you will be quickly connected with a community member who can assist you out! Explore the Mycro app and find a job which suits you perfectly. Apply now and get the job done. Simple as that. We unleash the strength of neighborhood communities by enforcing our protocol to join people. Through this game-changing platform, we will open the doorways to emerge as the global wide variety one market for real-time job matching.

With Mycro we will create a answer for humans with time and money problems and tokenize the imbalance between time and money. The Mycro Token (MYO) will play an fundamental role in the decentralized peer-to-peer network,, Mycro”. The technological basis for this is the Ethereum blockchain.

What is Mycro?

Mycro is a cellular app which is intuitive to use. Simple jobs on a short-term groundwork can be posted at once to the mycro community for free. Through smart and self-learning algorithms recognized from dating platforms, Mycro suits these jobs just-in-time with the proper jobber. He or she does the job. One individual good points time, the other money.


We have made it our mission to protect the most valuable gift existence gives people: TIME.

Time connects us all irrespective of our starting place or social rank. Time is limited. Time is finite. We can’t retrieve or prolong time. In today‘s world, our time is in the main managed externally. Time is managed by means of our jobs, our customers, our social obligations.

We, therefore, agree with that every individual in this world has the proper to be in control of their very own time. It is our imaginative and prescient to implement this right.

For this reason, we will create an equilibrium between time and money. We will set up a international and decentral peer-to-peer community for simple jobs. People round the world should choose themselves what they do, when and for whom they work and what their time is worth.

Our mission is to provide each character get entry to to this probability no depend whether they come from a village in Vietnam, the outskirts of Berlin or from Downtown Manhattan.

How To Use The Mycro Token (MYO)

  1. Job Shopping – Use Mycro Token (MYO) to acquire a better function in the job provider’s dashboard. This allows you to determine the quantity of your charge yourself. We call it job shopping.
  2. Rewarding – Recieve MYO from the neighborhood reward pool for excellent rankings after successful jobs and building up the Mycro community – controlled by way of a smart contract.
  3. Currency – It is deliberate that you can use Mycro tokens (MYO) to pay for jobs – in a reliable and tightly closed way the use of an escrow smart contract. (planned)

Simple Jobs. Simple Use.

Mycro‘s success is notably based on intuitive usability. The wants of job carriers and jobbers need to be comfortable in a quick and elementary way. This happens through matching the proper job provide with the right jobber. Only then do both events obtain their goals. A precise work product for the job provider. A exceptional and profitable job for the jobber.

Why invest in Mycro?

  • Gig financial system – One of the fastest developing components of the global labour market. Today, 200 million people are concerned – this range is predicted to extend to one billion in the subsequent few years.
  • Great fee for society – With our solution we supply people lower back control of their time and money and improve the lives of tens of millions of people.
  • Decentralized device – Right from the start, we build a smart contract software structure on the blockchain in order to recognize the vision of a completely decentralized system.
  • Brilliant crew – Together we have more than 150+ years of journey in agency building, software, and blockchain development and marketing. And we love what we do.

Mycrojobs Token & ICO Details

Mycro desires to resolve a predominant problem of society. Through our peer-to-peer community for easy jobs, we provide people again manipulate of their time and money balance. During our ICO, a most of one hundred million MYO will be created. The softcap will be reached at € 3.5 million. Unsold tokens will be destroyed in a burning process.

  • Token: MYO
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20
  • Price in ICO 1 MYO = 0.25 EUR
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Distributed in ICO 40%
  • Soft cap: 3,500,000 EUR
  • Hard cap: 14,000,000 EUR
  • Tokens for sale 40,000,000

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