Mycro virtual service

Do you have to type money quickly and easily?
Explore the Mycro application and see the work that really suits you. Apply now and get the task done.
Simple like that.

We let go of the flexibility of the original community by applying our protocol to connect people. Through this dynamic game platform, we tend to visit open doors to become the number one market worldwide for real-time job matching.

Home services
Cleaning gardening, tidying, declaring, minor repairs, cleaning windows, washing, ironing, cooking …
Shipping service
Searching, driving services, transportation services, shipping services ..

Virtual service
Internet research, trips that come with, assistance services, work clerks, online surveys …

Skilled service
Teaching photography, modeling work, piano lessons, repairing laptops, installing TV, DJs, servants, improving internet associations …

What is Mycro?

Do you have to have a clean inn but can’t see the time to do it and do it yourself?
Post assignments given directly to our beautifully designed Mycro application that we tend to make sure you {will} quickly connect with community members of the World Health Organization


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Quick and easy use
Our smart unit area algorithm can match the right job with the right distributor in a short time. Jobs are usually announced at no cost at any time. Workers see work anytime.

People who unite unknown units with totally different people have trust.

we will complete this withdrawal through a decentralized ranking and verification system that is enforced by a contract that makes sense on the blockchain.

Money is managed by reasonable contracts and decentralized agreements while the task is carried out. The duty provider and distributor do not have access. The contract of agreement will be aware of the remuneration of the assignor with the provision of superior duties.

Low cost
This is our vision to convert Mycro to a highly decentralized application (dApp). By eliminating negotiators, the costs of up to 30 minutes charged by intermediaries do not have to be paid. Jobs can be continuously announced for free. Workers pay exclusively for the victimization of the Mycro application.

We have created it as our duty to protect the most valuable gift that life has to offer to people: TIME.

The time to connect the US is all regardless of our origin or rank. Time is taboo. Limited time. we tend to tend to not be able to take or extend time. In today’s world, our time is largely externally controlled. Time is controlled by our work, our customers, our social obligations.

We strongly believe that every person in this world has the right to rush from their own time. that is our vision to implement this right.

For this reason, we have bent to visit the unit to find yourself respecting the balance between time and money. We have a determination to visit the unit to build a world and decentralized peer-to-peer network for simple work. we all over the world must go for themselves what they do, once and for whom they work and what their time value is.

Our mission is to let go of all and diverse access to the current possibilities regardless of whether or not they are on the market back from a village in Vietnam, on the outskirts of Berlin or from Downtown Manhattan.

invest in Mycro?

Economic Gig
One of the fastest growing parts of the world labor market. At present, two hundred million activity units are involved – this selection is expected to increase to one billion at intervals over the next few years.

Great price for the community.
With our answers, we have a tendency to tend to give people back management of their time and money and improve the lives of countless people.
Decentralized system
Since the beginning, we have a tendency to tend packages of wise contract packages on the blockchain so that we understand the vision of a very local system.

Brilliant team
Together we have more than 150+ years of experience in building companies, package packages and development and promotion of blockchain. {And we have a tendency to tend to | and that we have a tendency to love what we tend to try.

How do I use Mycro Token (MYO)?
Job search Use Mycro Token (MYO) to appreciate a stronger position at the task provider dashboard interval. this allows you to know your own costs. We have the determination to call it work looking out.

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  • Appreciate
    accepting Myo from the community pool rewards for ranking an excellent roaring job and increasing the Mycro community – controlled by wise contracts.
  • Currency
    It is planned only that you have just been able to use Mycro Tokens (MYO) to accumulate very partners – work in partners who are very reliable in Nursingd’s safe approach to practicing smart contract legal instruments. (planned)]
    Simple work. Simple use.


The success of Mycro is significantly supported by intuitive usability. Job supplier requirements and workers must be happy as long as the methodology is very fast and uncomplicated. This happens by matching the right job with the right distributor. alone, each party takes home their destination. good work products for assignors. pleasant and profitable work for distributors.

Mycro needs to overcome the huge losses of the community. Through our peer-to-peer network for simple jobs, we have a tendency to tend to supply people back to managing their balance of time and money. throughout our ICO, most of the 100 million MYOs visited were made. Softcap visited reached € 3.5 million.

Token Details
MYO Softcap € 3,500,000
Hardcap: € fourteen,000,000
Token supply: 100,000,000 MYO
Private sales: twenty six,000,000 MYO
Main sales: forty,
000,000 MYO Chain block specifications: ERC20
Partition participation method: ETH *
Start ICO: Q4 / 2018

Token distribution
Total MYO variation: 100,000,000
A) personal sales: (26%)
B) Pre-sale / main sales: (40%)
C) Gift groups for users: (12%)
D) Prize program: (5%)
E) Bonuses & advisors: (8%)
F) Team & founder: (9%)

To find more relevant details from the MYCRO project, please follow some sources for the following references:


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