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Hello everyone, right now I’m presenting you another good and strong project in the electronic money market that has ever been known. With the rise of new altcoins in the format of the ICO, many scam projects are skyrocketing, putting designers and creators with real and confident minds on seductive and promising projects on how to approach difficult. However, my audience and followers have followed most of my articles and tutorials on ICO in the Medium / Blog will see that real and promising projects with profitable niche Management persists and develops well

Now I will present you another project that can meet the needs of the long-term and worldwide investment potential of its services and utilities. mycryptobank is a project with experienced staff, full time and good visibility specified in its services & utilities.

MyCryptoBank is an online banking service that allows every registered customer in the e-banking system to perform various banking operations, additional operations with CryptoCurrency (payment processing, debit card, credit and investment services, use of CryptoCurrency assets such as credit security and many other accounts) BlockChain technology does not intervene banks. Therefore, MyCryptoBank offers remote access service to customers on bank accounts, products and services for banking transactions. MyCryptoBank offers customers a multi-functional banking platform that represents a hybrid system of traditional and digital currency. The use of digital money makes operation faster and cheaper, while traditional currency guarantees the acceptance and validity of all reality.

MyCryptoBank offers customers a multi-functional banking platform that represents a hybrid system of digital and traditional currencies. The use of digital currency makes operations faster and cheaper, while conventional currency guarantees acceptance and full practical effect.

MyCryptoBank will become a fully digital bank, accessible worldwide and anytime. It will make all the functions of a typical bank but without any front office and bank which relies on the new digital technology. This will allow MyCryptoBank to become one of the most inexpensive banks in the world with very high profit margins in terms of cost-benefit ratio.

MyCryptoBank is intended to solve this problem. It will become the first bank for cryptocommunity, allowing customers to receive and send money in electronic money and fiat money and also exchange between electronic money and fiat money inside the bank. With MyCryptoBank, you can create deposits, receive loans and credits. The bank will create an infrastructure that allows the establishment of buying and selling of goods for companies and services online. Customers will be able to receive bank cards and with their assistance, they will receive money available through any ATM in the world and also pay at shops, restaurants, etc. For convenience The bank plans to install ATMs and cryptographic ATMs, assists with the purchase of electronic money and receives cash at minimum fees. In common sense, it would be the typical bank with a full range of services but loyal to electronic money and cryptocommunity. It will provide an undeniable advantage to other financial institutions, attracting more customers and their money to create a positive liquidity of the bank and allow for the support and development of all. product
of MyCryptoBank.


Token information

Token: MCB

Platform: EOS

Token: $ 0.2

Token for Sale: 517.075.000 MCB (65%)

Source Code: 795.5 million MCB

Investment information:

Hat: $ 3,000,000

Hard cap: 100 million dollars


Restricted countries: United States

Know your customer: Yes

Whitelist: No.

Pre-Sale Starts 2 days, 5 hours from now

Pre-Sale 07/16/2018 midnight – 08/16/2018 midnight

Token Sale 09/10/2018 midnight – 14/10/2018 midnight



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