MyCryptoBank provides services of client’s remote access to accounts, products and bank services in

People of the world are always known for one dumbfounding part which is a yearning to reliably entire things in a prevalent and less requesting course from what is in the float. Money has reliably been used as a technique for financial exchange and trade from time immemorial, anyway as human advancement changed, the sorts of money changed also. Starting at now, paper cash is what’s conceivable the world over, anyway over the earlier decade there has been an impact in the enthusiasm for cashless and propelled portions. Overall cashless trade volumes created by 11.2% from 2014 to 2015 to accomplish 433 billion. Similarly, the crypto economy and computerized types of cash particularly are creating at a phenomenal rate. It is evaluated that by 2020 the crypto-economy will outperform three trillion dollars and that by 2022 it could be comparable to 10% of world GDP. There is an unsatisfied demand over a cryptographic cash capitalization that has quite recently beaten US$150 billion MyCryptoBank offers its clients a multifunctional phase of setting aside some cash repayment, which addresses a creamer system cumulating automated and standard fiscal structures. The use of blockchain development modernized money related gauges makes exercises quicker and more thrifty, while standard fiscal structures guarantee in every way that really matters all-round affirmation and authenticity.

What Is MyCryptoBank
MyCryptoBank electronic keeping mazuma, e-dealing with a record at school, every customer an arrangement of setting aside extra cash exercises, supplemental assignments and computerized mazuma (portion getting yare, check cards, Mastercards and hypothesis things thrifty, asset use encryption as security for propels and sundry others) development predicated Blockchain, without outpatients. Along these lines, MyCryptoBank give client remote access accommodation account Bank, things and cabin to make dealing with a record.

MyCryptoBank Vision
• The purport of the convivial affair is to impel hold and computerized cash Bank blockchain and arrange accommodation mystery word encryption advancement. What are the purposes of premium MyCryptoBank quote:
• There are no administrative checks.
• Low cost, Blockchain development will allow the interpose. cash change will transpire in the bank.
• There are no geographic constraints.
• MyCryptoBank props every Fiat and cryptographic mazuma. You can store commixed cash cognate portion, trade, take out an imprest.

Crypto gregarious order doesn’t have stable access to regular dealing with record organizations, countless people who oversee crypto are getting blocked by banks and budgetary substratum

Making crypto bank staunch to cryptosystem and organizations cognate to computerized types of Mazuma and blockchain development
MyCryptoBank is relied upon to handle this issue. It will wind up being the paramount bank for the crypto community, empowering clients to get and send resources in cryptographic types of Mazuma and fiat mazuma and besides exchange among computerized monetary standards and fiat mazuma inside the bank. With MyCryptoBank it will be possible to influence stores, to get advances and credits. The bank will make a system which will sanction setting getting and shippers for items portion for sodalities and online organizations. Clients will have the faculty to get bank cards and with the avail of it, they will take available resources through any ATM on the planet and moreover pay in shops, diners et cetera.

MyCryptoBank Features
MyCryptoBank has a couple of features, including:
MyCryptoBank offers customers a different stage for cash cognate hotel, to accommodate, the crossbreed structure cumulating standard and modernized mazuma
The utilization of cutting-edge mazuma to make undertakings all the brisker and more closefisted, while conventional cash cognate establish that all practical affirmation and opportuneness
Blend accounts engage customers to utilize the advantages of the two financial structures
MyCryptoBank agnize bank licenses and approves through the path toward sharing and advanced mazuma, controlling them licitly with paper mazuma and work cryptographic cash rudimentary to meet the work rules
This sanction embraces the impeccable people both in the board and by transmuting the partition, the trading of current correspondence channels given by the trade, advanced cash other virtual accumulating and incentivizing force for the customer accommodation at each point on the globe


MyCryptoBank is developing its own concrete compact keeping cash application. By homogeneousness with customary banks, it will be cognate with non-contact portion systems ApplePay, SamsungPay, and Android Play. This application will offer access to each one of the components of the bank: portions, mazuma trades, access to Forex, cash exchange and others. Through the application, you will approach your bank cards.
Token Details
• Token: MCB
• MCB Platform: EOS
• Token Price: 0.2 USD
• Tokens for sale: 517,075,000 MCB (65%)
• Token supply: 795,500,000 MCB
• Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
• Hard cap: 100,000,000 USD
• Receive: ETH, BTC, LTC, FIAT, BCH, EOS
• Country constrained: Amalgamated States
• Pre-Sales July 16, 2018, Midnight – August 16, 2018 Midnight
• Token Sale September 10, 2018, Midnight – October 14, 2018 Midnight
Token Distribution

Distribution of ICO Funds


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