MyEtherPony [ICO]

What is MyEtherPony?
MyEtherPony or (“MEP”) is a digital pet game on blockchain that lets you collect and trade digital collectibles in the form of ponies. Each pony’s traits and appearance is unique in MEP, you will not find any identical pony here just like in the real world. Start off with your favorite pony, and breed to get the rarest one. Showcase your pony’s farm to the community and they will be able to breed and trade with you. General information about your ponies will be available to all viewers to see.

MyEtherPony The Newest Crypto Game

When I first heard about blockchain games I sort of didn’t pay much attention. Then cryptokitties and Steem Monsters were both massive successes, So I decided to investigate the newest game on the block, MyEtherPony. Anyone who is into crypto should be familiar with blockchain games.

How it works

  • Game is played with ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Each ERC721 pony is different, and therefore each one could have a much different value. Rewards are given in ERC20 DKL (Dekla) tokens which will have a standard value.
  • There are a finite number of Generation0 ponies available, though users can breed them in addition to collecting them and trading them. Digital scarcity has proven successful in cryptokitties and steem monsters, and that strategy is also being used here.
  • This could appeal to a wide variety of people like digital asset collectors, gamers, virtual pet enthusiasts, nerds etc
  • No identical ponies, each pony has unique abilities and has it’s own statistics. Each pony has a unique set of genes making each one different.
  • You can both trade and breed ponies.
  • Each pony has an inner power that will not manifest until adulthood. It will be one of: fire, wind, water, thunder, or metal.
  • Your pony will have a happiness index, so you better take care of it .
  • There will be a leader board
  • There will be both group and 1 on 1 competition based game play, messaging, personalisation etc
  • Too many new coins do nothing new, just another bitcoin clone. Myetherpony offers a reason for users to come back, a game that encourages social interaction and offers real rewards. Getting paid to play games is a dream job to many people. These types of games have so far proven extremely popular. If I were a betting man I would guess this will be popular too…
  • There are additional rewards for contributions to the community, improve the game and get rewarded.
  • Pony auctions are safe and transparent, because you don’t want your kid getting ripped off by some hacker.
  • Ponies which are breed will have a blend of each parents genetics, just like real life. It will be impossible to know before breeding what the offspring will be like.
  • In order to keep the value of ponies high there is an option to turn your pony into a non breeding unicorn. Or a winged Pegasus…

Game rewards for participants & contributors: We designed MyEtherPony so players can benefit from the game in several ways. We realized how important it is to keep MyEtherPony economy self-sustainable, we, therefore, provide incentives for people who contribute to the economy as a token of appreciation for being part of the community.

Marketplace & Auction: The marketplace is open, transparent and secure, players can freely trade their ponies in the marketplace where the global trading community of MyEtherPony is. The auction is based on a system which balances between high bidding efficiency, transparency and reasonable transaction cost per bid.

Project Team:
The Leadership Team have a highly motivated diverse team with a strong background, whose goal is to make a difference in global decentralized, secure and interference-free, Peer-to-Peer Communication Systems platform.

Token Details:
The most crypto traders are familiar with is ERC20 tokens which is fungible. Meaning they are the same tokens produced in a certain amount of units and interchangeable with its own type. MyEtherPony utilize an ERC20 token called Dekla (DKL) within MyEtherPony. The token is necessary for anything purchase and potentially earned within MyEtherPony. In other words, DKL is the instrument for economic activity in our App.

ERC721 is a type of token on Ethereum that is non-fungible, meaning each of them are unique. 1 unit of ERC721 token may have a different value than another because of the different attributes each of them has. We will explore and adopt ERC721 to present a set of unique items with unique attributes. Since they are unique, they could potentially be valued differently with one another.

The team believes in blockchain technology, its transparency, peer-to-peer, immutability, and putting the power into the hands of the users. With the use of blockchain technology, each pony is a crypto-backed asset (digital asset), lives eternally on top of the blockchain, no-one can take away the ownership from you, including us.

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