MYO (Mycro) – First global decentralized platform for simple jobs .



Mycro brings together users for something greater than money: Time!

Mycro solves the following problems to give people back control over their time:

1. Non-existence of a worldwide platform: Currently, there is no global in-person platform that unites demand and supply for home, delivery and skilled services under one roof.

2. High fees: Platforms such as TaskRabbit and Airtasker charge a commission up to 30%. These high fees limit the number of tasks that can be outsourced.

3. Centralization: User ratings have become one of the most valuable assets, but dominant players such as Airbnb and Uber restrict users from taking their own ratings to other platforms.

Mycro: a blockchain platform with working technology

Our technology is more than just an idea. We have a prototype that works. The Mycro application helps you turn your to-do’s into done. Users can offer or apply for any short-term job, ranging from home, delivery, virtual and skilled services.

1. Low fees: By leveraging the blockchain, the middleman is eliminated, which results in a commission fee of only 0% to 5%.

2. Fast and easy to use: Available worldwide. Find help and make money wherever you are.

3. Job matching in real time: By using Mycro’s intelligent and self-learning matching algorithms that have been adopted from popular dating platforms, job providers are connected with suitable candidates, matching vacant jobs with the right person in real time.

4. Instant payment: Mycro puts your earnings in your pocket the moment you complete the task, not weeks later. Trustless, instant payouts on the blockchain.

Mycro Protocol the underlying magic

The Mycro Protocol acts as the confidential net- working layer for all integrated decentralized ap- plications, creating peer-to-peer (P2P) connec- tions and providing an efficient way for users to enter trustless transactions over the network. The Mycro Protocol consists of client-side APIs and services that allow connected applications to confidentially perform communication functions with other users on the network.

With the Mycro protocol we ensure: 

1. Complete trust: Decentralized rating systems and user verification options are executed by smart contracts, allowing both parties to enter a ‘trustless’ transaction. All users are verified through a implemented KYC process.

2. Secure payments: Payments are held by a decentralized, escrow smart contract while the job is performed, preventing retrieval access from either party until a specific job is complete.

3. Democratized ratings: Mycro is giving the no. 1 asset in the online world back to the user. By using IPFS, we allow users to have full control over their detailed rating information. With 100% ownership, they are free to take their ratings to other platforms.

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