The First Web TV Platform Dedicated to Sports Clubs, Powered by the Blockchain

About MyTVchain

MyTVchain is the first web TV platform dedicated to sports clubs and athletes powered by blockchain technology.

MyTVchain allows sports clubs to create their web TV and animate their communities (fans, supporters, friends and families) while generating revenues to develop their activities.

Advertising-based revenue models are declining on the web and sports clubs need to find new sources of funding. With MyTVchain and thanks to the blockchain, it is the community that regains control of the content and creates their value. Users (MyTVchainers) are rewarded in token for each video watched and can donate some of their tokens to their favorite club, purchase services from web TVs (subscription to dedicated web TV, exclusive video purchase, etc.) or distribute tokens to filmmakers with the best quality (shooting, subject, etc.).


Our mission is to help sport clubs generate more revenue from their content, build brand loyalty and accelerate growth in the development of sport club channels. We are building a new model where sport clubs and viewers transact directly on the blockchain, removing the need for intermediaries.

MyTVchain video technical infrastructure

MyTVchain’s technology is based on “Decentralized Video System”. The Blockchain has the power to fundamentally disrupt the video industry as it introduces a whole new decentralized model for content distribution. In the Blockchain, computers around the world work together in a Peer-to-Peer network to work on tasks.

Virtuous cycle

The more users, the more sales and revenues up, the tokens will motivate the clubs to produce more quality content to the community and recommend the platform in their respective network.

Token Details

Token: MYTV

Platform: Ethereum

Standard: ERC20

Qty: 3,900,000,000 MYTV

Price: 1 MYTV = 0.10 USD


Hard cap: 35,000,000 USD

KYC: Not

Token Allocation

45% Token Sale

35% Reward

15% Marketing & Commercial

5% Team

Use of Proceed

40% Development

29% Marketing & Sales

15% Management

10% Staff

6% Legal

Road map


Validation of PoC ROAD MAP (50k users & 500k views)

Q1 2018

Work on the Proof of Concept & Development of a business model and financial plan

Q2 2018

Fundraising in the amount of 400k €

Q3 2018

Development of the first version of

Q4 2018

Foundation of the company + new partners Pre-sale and marketing campaign

Q1 2019

Using the Ethereum platform & proof of work Listing MyTV token on exchange platforms

Q2 2019

V2 mytvchain .com with a full range of functions

Q3 2019

Club App, Smart App Q3 2020 Q2 2018 Q4 2018 Q2 2019 V2 mytvchain .com with a full range of functions Q4 2019 Q4 2020 V5 2017 Validation of PoC ROAD MAP (50k users & 500k views) Work on the Proof of Concept & Business Development Models and financial plan Fundraising in the amount of 400k € R a c d a b t a r a y in e my and Foundation of the company + new partners Pre-sale and marketing campaign Using the Ethereum platform & proof of work Launch V3

Q4 2019

Launch V4 (blockchain, wallet, rewards)

Q3 2020

Run the final version of V5 (scalability + nodes + bandwidth)

Q4 2020

Standalone cameras


Corneliu fridgant: President

Cristina tautu: General manager

Junior bouis: COO

Florin novac: CTO / Blockchain Expert

François Le Page: Financial Management (Marketkaps)

Olivier kleindienst: Business Model strategist (Marketkaps)

Lucas Condello: Project manager

Maxence Henric: Designer

Benjamin ricard: Marketing officer

Teodor alexandru: Full stack manager

Andra ioana lazariuc: Full Stack Developer

Silje hansen: Community Manager


Xavier gesnouin: French Foreign Trade Advisor

Laurent leloup: Blockchain guru

Hervé liberman: Regional Olympic Commitee (South of France) President

Frédéric jouve: Former CEO Sharks Antibes

Eric Alexandre:

CEO & Founder Jetcoin

Anthony thiodet: Sports marketing expert

Laurent drone: France Fitness Federation President

Lucian finta: Scientific Consultant PhD

Alban villani

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