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It is difficult to imagine our day without the Internet and the social networks we all love. Each of us spends a huge amount of time browsing the Internet this or that information, but as practice shows the demand for video content is much higher. We all love to watch various kinds of videos, someone humorous, someone training, and someone does love to watch videos on the subject of sports.
In recent years, the demand for sports content has increased significantly. Moreover, many platforms such as Youtube and Facebook confirm such jumps have become dominant. For example, the demand for football videos has increased by 90% over the past two years, and the total time to watch various sports interviews and other sports content has increased by 60%. Thus, we can safely say that this subject is very interesting to society and it is in demand.


However, there are a number of problems associated with the further development of this direction. The first thing I would like to start with is the resources that host this kind of content. We are all familiar with such platforms giants as Google, Facebook and Youtube. We can say the three pillars of the monopolist, which have enormous power over everything consumed by the content in the world. Not everyone knows, but when you upload your video to this resource, you essentially lose ownership, and moreover, you get little from it. Since most of the profits from viewing advertising goes to the site itself. Just like this.
Naturally, this format is not suitable for many people, as the area and the field of sports is quite expensive. Starting from the competition and ending with the organization of any other activities. All this costs a lot of money to each sports community, team or club, but as a rule they do not even have this money, so they regularly look for a sponsor who would help them to develop and grow further. Sponsors are often: the city administration, sports committees or even the fans themselves. And sometimes even this is not enough to help some sports club to get ahead.
And here was the question, what to do to change this situation? What tools to invent, the use of which will help not only the sports community to earn more money, but also the fans to get real pleasure from watching your favorite information content. So the idea of creating MYTVchain was born.

About the project

MYTVchain is an innovative tool developed on the basis of blockchain and intended primarily for financing sports clubs. In simple words, MYTVchain is an Internet television of a new format, designed for sports clubs, Champions, former athletes, and for other people whose lives are closely connected with sports.
Moreover, viewers will also have access to various kinds of benefits, expressed in additional income for each view of the published content. That is, the developers of MYTVchain have tried to unite in one ecosystem all the components of the sports industry and offer all its parts the most favorable conditions for cooperation.


If to speak about the advantages MYTVchain to all existing hosting, they are obvious:
  • the first and probably the most important thing to note is that MYTVchain intends to offer all sports clubs free and profitable tools, thanks to which they will be able to start actively financing their club;
  • the second is not a little important fact is the full control of the sports club on their created content, only the club and no one else will have ownership of the published content on their behalf;
  • third, join MYTVchain can do absolutely anything as large and small sports community. Also, the platform can join sports bars and fans without which the industry would not have such popularity;
  • the fourth point I note the platform itself, which will not only view the video content of sports clubs, but also give the opportunity to earn on the sale of their own tickets or Souvenirs with their symbols;
  • moreover, the fans are also awarded most of the benefits, ranging from the possible earnings for watching the video, ending with the ability to independently shoot various kinds of sports video and upload it to MYTVchain, receiving tokens in return for the platform.
You can add to this list for a long time, but I think in General you understand the idea of MYTVchain and all its advantages. But to visually understand the whole principle of MYTVchain I suggest you to consider this scheme:

The details of the ICO

If we talk about the tokens of this platform, like any decentralized system, MYTVchain will have its own token – MYTV. In order for the token to be in demand in the sports society, the developers intend to limit its total number, which will be available in the amount of 1 billion 750 million tokens. This approach will stimulate further demand on relevant platforms and increase the overall value of MYTV.
The token itself is a standard utility based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20). It will be possible to buy MYTV in the pre-sale of tokens and at the time of public sale at very competitive prices. Also, the developers claim that there will be a system of discounts designed for a certain period. The very same token price will vary from $0.05 to $0.10 per 1 MYTV. In total, the developers intend to collect Hard Cap in the amount of 35 million US dollars.
The distribution of tokens and funds is as follows:
2018-12-18_18-52-17 2.png


It is important to note that the main goal of the project is an innovative service working on the principle of p2p, which allows using modern technologies to solve existing problems in the field of sports content. At the same time, to provide all its participants with powerful and socially effective resources necessary for the further development of the entire sports community.
In General, I think this idea is very interesting and in demand, as there is not a single project on the market ready to solve the existing problems, and MYTVchain still wants to help in this matter.
Therefore, I recommend sports news fans and everyone else who is involved in this industry to look at MYTVchain in more detail and in depth to understand its essence. To do this, as always, at the end of my review, I will attach all the necessary technical documents and official resources of this project.

Official resources of the MYTVchain project:

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