What is it NAMEK?
NAMEK is an ICO provider & services oriented company, that makes ICO for other organizations.
They create a blockchain solution as requested by collecting all the requirements,
and they promote projects through their growing community with Airdrops and Bounty programs.

One of the aims through this project is rewarding users with tokens and tokenizing the current business model of  the company,
helping startups and entrepreneurs using the Blockchain technology and leveraging on it to strengthen their cause.

Crypto economy, ICOs and Airdrops
The crypto economy refers to everything related to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Bounty programs are a way to earn cryptocurrencies before the ICO and without
investing any money. Because Blockchain startups are looking for people to enhance their ICOs and product, Namek is a way to get involved in an ICO project with an ICO team and get paid
for your work. Networking, translation, coding, early adopters… and much more! This whole new world may seem complicated for a newcomer, but don’t worry, We provide advices and training
for free. First read the docs, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions😄

Crypto revolution is coming
We believe in a new economy based on a fresh type of currency with a radically different meaning for what we call “money”.
Nowadays, startups can create their own currencies and this new capability supports further economic advancement. The new process enables us to distinguish the ‘currency’ from its ‘value’.
This way we can build the currency here and now as the smart carrier of a future value to be generated based on a well-defined project.
We believe in a world where everybody can design and implement project ideas by searching and building the right team at the right time.
As startup founders, we would like our projects to go as far as possible. To make such big plans feasible, co-founders need to hire more people to join the project from the very start.
Often they need a small crowd to pump the project with right momentum and the right impulse.

Nowadays with Blockchain, Smart Contracts and financial technologies such as cryptocurrencies, we can handle the whole process with an unprecedented efficiency.
Namek is the way to recruit and compensate a host of motivated people as effortless as a cakewalk.

However, to increase interest in their project as well as disseminate information, companies most often use auxiliary forces. Bounty is a reward offered by the creators of an ICO for certain services. Simply put, a startup gives a person his tokens for his contribution to the development of the project.The project is designed specifically for this relationship, the development of relations between the developers / organizers of ICO and the users who provide their services to them.It includes:Platform Airdrop. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the launch of the fundraising and the project as a whole. Business owners reward users for participating both in the community and in social networks. As an enthusiast, you will receive several tokens from projects that are important to you.

Bounty platform. 
Here you can show your talents and skills in full glory. For certain actions you will receive tokens. 
You can choose the direction in which you are good:

  • Signed BitcoinTalk. Promote ICO with a custom BitcoinTalk profile signature.
  • Campaign in social networks (Airdrop). Increase the word-of-mouth effect around the ICO, making it the main topic of discussion in social networks. This can be achieved even by likes and reposts.
  • Transfer. Make ICO global. If you are fluent in foreign languages, then help the project to reach a large audience.
  • Making a video. Create an explanation, ad, or marketing video to illustrate the product and ICO.
  • Writing an article. Create meaningful articles and blog posters to increase the visibility of ICO in the market.
  • Booth bounty. This means that you can identify identification and reporting errors, and UX problems when using the ICO product.

All you need to do to participate in this exciting process:

  • Create an account
  • Choose a project
  • Complete the tasks
  • Get rewards

Token Distribution

Funds Allocation



Roadmap Use Cases
Contact Information
Bounty VTT:

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