Being the most important and crucial software within the Internet generation, the social community has emerged as the largest internet utility in the arena. Among all the technological changes, the social network has played a vital feature in every new direction and remodeling the vintage styles for the new surroundings.  The excellent social network, which we trust, is a resident computer along with a rather large number of elements involved in the social network with medium factors such as members (customers), content and family members.  Basically, it is the healthy among the many elements involved within the social community. La comunità sociale centralizzata contemporanea ha problemi che includono la definizione di identificazione non sposata, il fastidio in relazione salutare, 
Con l’emergere della blockchain, il multi-consenso, l’insediamento intelligente e il sistema monetario token hanno dato una motivazione da un punto di vista micro per ogni dettaglio coinvolto all’interno del social network
essere parte dei nodi, in modo simile alla produzione pionieristica della produttività e alla relazione di produzione per l’evoluzione del social network, a causa di questo apportando modifiche imperative al dispositivo della comunità sociale centralizzata moderna. Impegnato a presentare la comunità sociale dell’arena con servizi di comunità sociale auto-evolutivi che forniscono individualizzazione, basso costo di coinvolgimento, guadagno misurabile, tuta efficiente e un equilibrio tra domanda e offerta, NAUS è un ambiente certamente basato sulla blockchain senza contare sulla considerazione. Con il sottostante evoluto auto-evoluto e i protocolli sulla parte inferiore bassa della blockchain, NAUS assisterà un meccanismo di consenso DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) amichevole e sicuro nei dintorni, soluzione intelligente e assemblare reti di storage distribuite in collaborazione con più partner di lavoro. Inoltre. NAUS completerà regolarmente l’infrastruttura lungo l’infrastruttura blockchain laterale e la comunità principale, token di rete blockchain, portafogli NAUS, numerosi tipi di modelli di insediamento intelligenti programmabili e commerciabili, sistemi per produzione di accordi realistici e piattaforma iniziale di moneta, commercio di contratti intelligenti e acquisti per e vendita immagazzina e rilascia DApp (applicazioni sborsate), in un modo per assemblare una comunità sociale basata principalmente su aspetti corretti con un seme inesperto al centro. In qualità di partner strategico leader di NAUS, Tippin Live conta oggi quasi 35 milioni di clienti in tutto il settore, che in particolare provengono da America, Sud-Est asiatico, India e Medio Oriente.
collettivamente con il sistema IM (Instant Messaging), voce multigiocatore, feed di immagini o video, giochi social e video dal vivo, con la blockchain sottostante. Inoltre, i suggerimenti d’oro della blockchain, basata principalmente sulla comunità sociale, in particolare con il consenso, i token sani e le risorse incentive, sono probabilmente consegnati a NAUS. Teniamo conto che Tippin Live è l’epitome del social network globale, da cui inizierà la produzione quotidiana di NAUS. Useremo la base di uomini e donne di Tippin Live, tag di caratteristiche, catene di corteggiamento e scala delle transazioni per dare il via alla produzione ecologica e promuovere la tangenziale e la transazione di insediamento saggio, collaborando regolarmente con i sistemi sociali e gli edifici per contenuti di 0,33 compleanno e portando una notevole casa per il miglioramento di NAUS. 
As a decentralized technical infrastructure, NAUS will serve as a basis.  In order to promote sustainable development of the ecosystem and commercial enterprises and encourage individuals as much as possible, the NAUS Foundation will bother a whole of 5 billion token-NABs.  The NAB, appropriately appropriate with the ancient equivalent of Ethereum ERC20, can be saved in the Ethereum portfolios.  Significant choices regarding the improvement of the network and the environment must be determined by voting for the percentage of protection of the NAB for the contributors of the Foundation. The Alpha model of the NAUS device may be ready to make an online attempt within the first area of ​​2018, and the important community of the NAUS blockchain is scheduled to go online within the 1/3 position of 2018.

Aspects of the project

Above all, in terms of ecological resources and companions, the main partner Tippin Live has tens of hundreds of customers all over the world, with over one hundred million sales, enormous functions of characters and chains of relationships.  It is estimated that NAUS is at the forefront of implementation and has an impact on billions of customers of global social networks.  Meanwhile, the founders and shareholders have wealthy resources and contacts, the Internet investment agency and investment equity and the exchange of records with strict well-known social systems, content platforms, video living systems, establishments MCN (Multichannel Network) and companies listed in Asia.  More and more vertical or complete social networking systems can also be added continuously in NAUS, 
Furthermore, on the theme of utility models, we outline social networking as a form in the midst of people and content at unique intervals in unique dimensions.  NAUS can ascertain the ideal feature that is the fundamental length of the form of human beings and material content using the use of consent and accuracy, efficiency and the rate of healthy coffee among people by means of the capacity of the token financial system .  The multi-size gift incentive and acceptance agreement can also be used to integrate the material and material network of the content material. In addition, the needs of labeled customer situations and DApp (delivered software) can be met with the help of specific and individualized subcontracts that could fulfill the dreams of special eventualities.  The aim is to be aware of the social capabilities of “on call for” and “social marginal discount” and to build a measurable and self-evolving international social network offering health services, services and coffee. Last but not least, in terms of era, we have been given a lower layer of self-advanced blockchain that can manual the DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) rule set at excessive speed (it generates a block in line with the 2 °) and an intelligent agreement with Turing’s completeness, which differ from the maximum applications hosted within the congested Ethereum network.  NAUS is able to support higher-frequency, low-value, and competently intelligent settlement transactions (100,000 TPS) (collectively with growth, search and sales, archiving, automated execution, and so on).
Throughout the world, the digital financial machine expands exponentially to an unattainable charge.  In 2017, it is estimated that the size of the virtual economic instrument arena has reached 18 trillion greenbacks in the United States, accounting for 25% of global popular GDP, including America and China classified as the pinnacle in the sentences of the scale of virtual financial devices 2.  The mechanism of self-consideration and token self-governance functionality have been confirmed as robust and feasible.  Following the Ethereum expedition and an intelligent agreement, the token opened the front door to a new international producer. The token can also be received from mining and money can also be earned from the price of destiny through the construction of an entire environment by counting on an intelligent agreement, allowing participants to replace figures, records, material material content,

Development and maturity of the assigned blockchain and ledger technology

With the ongoing exploration of digital forex and blockchain fees, the global blockchain is taking shape and individuals are growing.  Other and other organizations have begun to connect the importance and to enter in the phase of the blockchain technology exploration, from the tremendous activities of the community open to the public offer that consist in Bitcoin and Ethereum in the first position to more than a few blockchain startups, assignments range of capital, monetary institutions, IT organizations and regulatory organizations. 
Various blockchain corporate alliances have emerged.  Both financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and NASDAQ and technology-understanding agencies such as IBM, Microsoft and Intel have extended funding and quickly imposed nine layouts within the blockchain.  Under this record, a series of boom was made in blockchain application.  In the business sector, innovation and entrepreneurial sport were dynamic. 
At the same time, a huge capital has been invested within the blockchain.  The emergence of recently-born companies also accelerates the extension of blockchain packages into new regions.  From the point of view of the improvement and usefulness of the modules of technological competences of vital difficulty on the return of the blockchain and the ledger distributed at the current level, the modern opposition and the evaluation of the blockchain systems involve consensus mechanisms, protection algorithms of privateness and the intelligent contract packages.  Basic elements consisting of P2P community protocols, computer and garage systems and preferred encryption algorithms have been mature. It is expected that with the non-forestry deepening of blockchain programs, the new and higher requirements will remain in advance for the core era, 
To be more precise, priority could be given to the stability between equity and effectiveness on the degree of competition from the aggressive phase of consensus mechanisms.  The equity mentioned above is the right one to keep debts wanting to be available to each player.  And the above performances do not require that every player keeps the coins owed at all times, and the agent’s selection through the run-off works in addition.  In the end, the consent mechanism requires that the issuing country of the business meets the request for use of the aid, reaction time, processing time, actual speed and the highest possible load limit. So, compared to POW, POS, BFT, DPOS and incredible consensus algorithms, DPOS’s consent has been changed.
To the amount of protection of privatization, it is important to pay attention to the wishes of security, especially within the following components such as confidentiality, integrity, non-repudiation, traceability and authenticity, including the way in which the blockchain device can guarantee with certainty that its information can be consulted primarily through legal clients, integrity refers to the viable blockchain system to prevent unauthorized access to the right of access and tampering with functionality or information, the way not to repudiate hobbies o the event occurring in the computer blockchain can be confirmed and can not be denied, traceability refers to the ability of the blockchain gadget to suggest the sports of each body. Authenticity mode the blockchain device can verify the identity of the target or resource.
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