NAUTICUS Better banking and eCommerce using blockchain technology

The Nauticus Initial Coin Offering is the first step in the company’s bold vision for six global banking and eCommerce solutions utilizing blockchain technology. ICO backers will be able to use and trade their Nauticus Coins immediately on the new Nauticus cryptocurrency and fiat exchange. The Nauticus Exchange is in the final stages of development and is due to open in mid-2018. When it opens it will offer 100 crypto and six fiat currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, AUD, and ZAR) Nauticus is also establishing a sustainable blockchain mining center that will provide revenue, and a sizeable amount of server capacity to ensure ultra-fast processing for all users of Nauticus services. The center will use renewable energy. Profits will be reinvested in the business to support the development of a low-cost eCommerce marketplace, along with merchant and peer-to-peer payment options. These new platforms will be underpinned by the Nauticus Coin, Exchange, Mobile App and Wallet.

Bitcoin and crypto exchanges are difficult for everyday people to understand and users often need to sign up to half a dozen exchanges to buy all of the different altcoins they wish. Cryptocurrency is hard to spend in the real world and many exchanges don’t even offer a single fiat currency.THE SOLUTION
The Nauticus Exchange will be the only exchange users ever need, a onestop shop offering 300 cryptocurrencies and 16 fiat. Users from around the world will be able to buy whatever crypto they wish using their own nation’s money. Nauticus Exchange will also allow users and merchants to send and receive payments — like PayPal but with much lower fees and live market rates.ICO SCHEDULE

    5%Bonus18 May, 2018
    5% Bonus19 May, 2018
    LaunchAugust, 2018

February 12 to March 17, 2018Register for interest
Sign up and be rewarded with 100 free coinsSign up to claimICO sales period
March 31 to Jul 18, 2018
500 Token purchase amount+5% Token bonusBulk purchase bonus – ongoingBonus 1
100,000+ NTS Token purchase amount
+2% Token bonus ontop of current promotionBonus 2
250,000+ NTS Token purchase amount
+5% Token bonus ontop of current promotionToken Structure

*Figures provided refer to the total supply of tokens. Percentages allocated to team, advisors, and referrals will be proportionate and relative to the number of tokens sold to users. Unsold supply will be destroyed

  • Start date : 18/03/2018 00:00 GMT
  • Sale term in days : 122 days
  • End of ICO : July 2018 00:00 GMT
  • Nauticus Coin price : 0.00001 BTC each
  • Total token supply for : 2,500,000,000 NTS
  • ICO early completion : When sold out
  • Smart Contract : Audited by Ambisafe
  • Adjustable emission : Total NTS supply will be burned based on public tokens ratio, ensuring fair value for contributors
  • Tokens supplied post ICO : NIL
  • Soft cap : 8,000,000.00 USD
  • ICO Target : 68,000,000.00 USD
  • Hard cap : 88,000,000.00 USD
  • If ICO target not obtained : Project will continue as planned, with scale and functionality adjusted

For six eCommerce and banking solutionsIntroducing the Nauticus CoinThe Nauticus Coin (NTS) underpins our six business and banking solutions, creating an ultra secure medium of exchange between users. Users will be able to use the coin immediately after the ICO period on the Nauticus Exchange to take advantage of free or low cost trading.There is a limited supply of 2,500,000,000 Nauticus Coins with 80 percent sold to end users. Any unsold or unallocated tokens will be destroyed after the ICO period to maximise value for backers. See white paper for further details.LOW FEES
Save by trading with the Nauticus CoinNTS – Fees strategy aims to boost Nauticus Coin valueBitcoin, Ethereum and the Nauticus Coin are the three key cryptocurrencies on the exchange and will be in trading pairs with all 100 crypto currencies offered. If a user wants to trade TRON for ZCash for example, they will first need to exchange their TRON for one of the three key cryptocurrencies, and then use that intermediary currency to buy ZCash. Users will naturally buy the Nauticus Coin for this purpose as it provides a 50 percent reduction in trading fees over the other options. A similar strategy adopted by Binance, saw the Binance Coin increase massively in popularity.

Free coins for referrals

Join our referrals program to secure free Nauticus Coins for you and your friends. Here’s how it works :

  • Register 1
    Register as a new user at any time before the conclusion of the ICO. You’ll receive 100 free coins and be sent a referral link.
    Refer a friend and you both receive free coins 2
    Email your friends or post the link on Twitter, YouTube, Telegram or WeChat. (Please do not post referral links on Facebook or Instagram as those platforms now block ICO advertising.) Anyone who clicks on your link, and buys a minimum of 500 coins, will be rewarded with 100 extra free coins – and so will you!
  • Repeat 3
    For every second successful referral you and your friend receive 100 NTS each – and YOU get an extra 200 NTS as well! You can choose to either keep this bonus or donate the 200 additional coins to The Salvation Army or The Ocean Cleanup. Nauticus will match the donation, coin for coin. (Please note that free coins can only be used on Nauticus platforms for the first two years, after which they can be freely traded for other crypto. See the white paper for more details.)

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