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The Naviaddress is the latest digital decentralized addressing platform whose primary mission is to create a decentralized and unified system which helps addressing the objects and places in the virtual world as well as in the real world.

The Naviaddress is designed on a platform which is capable of assigning a digital address to any location in the world, by just using the geo-coordinate precision.

This platform is using a proprietary technology patent which is still pending.

This platform is specially designed to use a number of languages and be able to address any place or object in the world. With an addition, the user can provide more than just address and include the information like the contacts.

Since 2015 Naviaddress has successfully made an impact on the world through their virtual address idea, which had them the 1.3 million business related Naviaddresses and 1.5 million personal Naviaddresses in the system along with 60k registered Naviaddress users.

Curious about the reason behind the huge numbers, then stick along to get the detailed information.

Benefitting core Principles of the platform

Well, the Naviaddress Platform was developed with an idea of global standardization of the addresses using pre defined set of numbers which are known by the business and local vendors.

While the core principles of this platform are the use of various languages, inclusion of additional information other than address and ability to address any object or place. Let’s see how these principles benefit us

· The Digital delivery addresses prevent the leak of personal information to the third party.

· Using smart contract Navigation application anyone can create their personal Naviaddress.

· Moreover, it is secure, on-demand low-cost locations IDs

· It is decentralized which means it is independent of central authority.

Blockchain Technology in Naviaddress

The Blockchain technology is at the top of heap as it is offers the platforms the best ways to realize the usability features and strategic developments, which means having a proper decentralized platform, immutability, openness for the users, integrity and empowerment too.

And now it seems like Naviaddress has made the very much proper use of Blockchain Technology to enhance their concept of global navigation system with precision.

The simple verification process, where the object will be given digital address for one-time-only verification and the short digital address, where the object is given the concise and easy to share address, are the two factors that influenced the use of Blockchain Technology in Naviaddress.

Making it easier for the users, the Blockchain Technology does not face the communication problems with the languages, because it uses the universal means that are numbers.

Though it is nongovernmental system, it is trust worthy and keeps the malicious behavior at bay protecting the user’s information and anonymity, especially during the transactions.

Naviaddress Blockchain Digital ID NaviToken Address

You can make a phone call to other Naviaddress linking it to a contact that has already specified the phone number. This feature becomes helpful when you are looking for any domestic service like an electrician, plumber or any repair service.

Not only the domestic service, using your Naviaddress you can also make bookings for hotels or taxi rides, and can also be used as a delivery address for your parcels.

Wide community of Naviaddress

The Naviaddress has an immense access to social community channels and Partners. Let’s have a look at this massive social connection.

· Mobile App — The Naviaddress Mobile app is available on play stores of android as well as iOS.

· Web map — The web map of Naviaddress can be reached through

· Site — The website of the Naviaddress can be accessed by the domain name

· Search engines — The Naviaddress can be found in the internet pages through search engines like Google, Baidu, Yondex, Bing etc.,

· Social Media — The Social Media profile of Naviaddress can be found on Facebbok, Twitter, Instagram and VKontakte.

· Messengers — the Naviaddress is integrated with the most popular messengers worldwide like Whatsapp, Vibe, WeChat, Skype, Slack, and the list continues.

· Partners — The Naviaddress maintains the partnership with the Uber,, Roadmap and the new partner’s list comprises of the renowned companies like Amazon, FedEx, Ebay, avito, careem, ups and many more.

Upcoming ICO event

There’s something big coming for the Naviaddress, as Naviaddress along with Accum Trillion Capitol has planned an upcoming event “ICO” which will be commencing shortly this year and will have the complete focus on the fundraise of about $20 million.

This ICO event will eventually boost the Blockchain Technology, as the Accum Trillion Capitol is a renowned investor in the cryptocurrency and Naviaddress is the ambassador for the Blockchain Technology.


Total Tokens Issued: 1 BN

Total Amount for Sale: 400 MM

Type: ERC20

Sales total: $20MM

Token Price: ICO: $0.05 per NAVI

Token Distribution

Use of Funds










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