NAVIADDRESS – Navigation Made Simple with NaviAddress using Blockchain

NaviAddress project is a decentralized global unified address platform for real and virtual worlds. The platform can assign digital addresses to any location with precise geoco-ordination. This digital verified, trustless location ID platform for to help with goods delivery and locating destination locations should help bring digital addresses to 4 billion people living without a proper address in the world today.

The concept of global standardization of addresses via a pre-defined set of numbers, which is known by all the local vendors and businesses including personal addresses summarizes the main concept of Naviaddress.

The benefits of such a system are many:

· Anyone can create their own Naviaddress with Smart Contract application

· Digital delivery addresses avoid providing personal information to a third party

· This system doesn’t depend on a central authority, which meansthat it is decentralized (blockchain technology)

· Secure, on-demand low-cost locations IDs will be provided (it is known as trustless location IDs)

Blockchain Technology in Navigation

The upcoming star of this decade, blockchain technology has many applications and it seems that Naviaddress has exploited the technology to their very own dream of the global navigation system with precision.

There are 2 major factors for the use of Blockchain technology here:

· Simple verification process — Every object will be given its own digital address with a one-time-only verification.

· Short digital address — Every pick-up point in logistics will be provided with a simple digital address, which is easy to share

With these two excellent reasons, there is no reason for Naviaddress for not trying out the blockchain technology for their decentralized data storage system.

The most common barriers that we face while trying to communicate would be the language.

This application doesn’t talk language but numbers, which is universal.

The numbers do the talking in your case and you are directed to your destination or your parcel will be redirected to you with just that same number.

Formats and Address types

There are 4 types of data included in a single search, which are:

· Place/Object

· Postal and/or User Address

· Geographical Coordinates

· Last Mile/Metadata

This format will narrow down your search precisely to the vendor or the person you are planning to visit.

The navigation is spot on with blockchain on the backend, providing continuous data support based on your search criteria.

You have options to Create, Share and Find Naviaddresses.

Address types are provided based on increasing consumer request with 3 types of Naviaddress:

· Postal Naviaddress

· Custom Naviaddress

· Premium Naviaddress

Based on the type of address you wish to have, Naviaddress will suffice with the digital address that is dedicated and is unique to your location.

Wide community of Naviaddress

The Naviaddress has an immense access to social community channels and Partners. Let’s have a look at this massive social connection.

· Mobile App — The Naviaddress Mobile app is available on play stores of android as well as iOS.

· Web map — The web map of Naviaddress can be reached through

· Site — The website of the Naviaddress can be accessed by the domain name

· Search engines — The Naviaddress can be found in the internet pages through search engines like Google, Baidu, Yondex, Bing etc.,

· Social Media — The Social Media profile of Naviaddress can be found on Facebbok, Twitter, Instagram and VKontakte.

· Messengers — the Naviaddress is integrated with the most popular messengers worldwide like Whatsapp, Vibe, WeChat, Skype, Slack, and the list continues.

· Partners — The Naviaddress maintains the partnership with the Uber,, Roadmap and the new partner’s list comprises of the renowned companies like Amazon, FedEx, Ebay, avito, careem, ups and many more.


Total Tokens Issued: 1 BN

Total Amount for Sale: 400 MM

Type: ERC20

Sales total: $20MM

Token Price: ICO: $0.05 per NAVI

Token Distribution









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